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"I've never been better."

GULLJENTE: Birgitte Skarstein won gold in the World Cup final. Photo: Estella Reynozo, Norwegian Roofing Association.

After a week of excitement, Birgit Scarstein (30) returns to the ro-arena. During the World Cup in Rotterdam, it was more superb than ever.

Kjetil Borch was also close to winning the World Cup final.

"It's a digg," says Skarstein joyfully to VG.

Winning nearly 37 seconds, the trustee confirmed his big favorite stamp at the Tokyo Paralympic Games next August.

"I've never been better," she says.

"It looks fantastic, Martin Cross – a British Olympic gold," said the International Federation. Are Strandli and Kristoffer Brun returning with number three, and Olaf Tufte and the Norwegian winner have won the B-finals in the Netherlands.

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Many games of Birgit Scarstein: "You have to know when it's enough

Skarstein achieved maximum results with some minor technical changes.

– I went with a lower rate than the others. But there was power and technique to be able to move at different speeds from them. I experienced the difficult conditions and I had the opportunity to continue, she says.

She also handled the difficult wind conditions in Poland and won 18 seconds during the first world regatta on June 23, but there was no harder opponent, Israeli Moran Samuel.

Skarstein was leading over eight seconds to former world champion Samuel just 500 meters away. With safe, healthy roofs, it rose almost half. In the second half, lead grows to pure hatching.

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Scarstein is supported by the terrible stories: "I was evicted and moved

The time of 11.30.11 at 2000 meters is far behind its world record of last year's World Cup (10.13.63). But the performance was solid at the Dutch time.

Birgit must be there. But we should not let that be a sleeping pillow, said national team chief Johan Flodin at the VG after the first World Cup victory this season. He spent so much time on a steam-lover like Olaf Tufte and the rest of the disabled. Skarstein is a fully integrated and important part of the Norwegian National Rowing Team.

The last week contained many things that could have Birgit Skarstein out of the sport focus.

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Olaf Tuffte (43) goes to the new Olympics

"The discussion of the body's press has passed a little," replied the most famous Norwegian parachutist and world rowing champion earlier this week to VG's question of how he managed to handle all of the issues he was dealing with – at the top of the his life as a top athlete.

Last weekend she wrote a post on Facebook for pressure on the body that received much attention.

On Tuesday night, she was a guest at NRK's ​​Summer Open and on Wednesday morning she joined Gardermoen along with the rest of Norway's national team for a Rotterdam World Cup trip. After that, a week-long biking in northern Germany with five former students, and then two weeks of training camp near Varese outside of Milan, before the Austrian World Cup in Linz last week in August.

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One month "on the road".

Outside of regatta, she is engaged as a member of the board of the Norwegian Ski Association, the Executive Committee of the IPC International Paralympic Committee, the MOT Foundation, the Sports Committee for Norwegian Athletes, the Sunnaas Foundation Board and the Right to Play.

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