Thursday , July 29 2021

KSU.NO – KBK-Brann: Player Exchange

KBK-Fire: 3-1

Sean McDermott: 4 points
Solid as usual and take what will happen. This stopped a little for Brann and there was not much completion on the PBC's goals. Can't do more than take everything.

Bent Sørmo: 4 points
Play a solid match on the slope. The ball is impressive with the ball coming forward and it's hard to take it away from the ball. Maybe the best-selling item in KBK.

And Peter Ulvestad: 5 points
The king in the air and the king on the hill. Fire is not so important. And make a goal, as requested at the start of this season. Captain.

Christophe Psyche: 4 points
Solid again, works very well with the DPU. Good in the air and tough with balls. There is not much peace for Bamba.

Christoffer Biscuit: 5 points
Has taken a very big step in surviving the season. Also contributing a lot for the future as usual, but sometimes there is little room for him to advance. And the ball is still good, and so forget to mention a free kick that isn't too good.

Andreas Hopmark: 5 points
It's good to see Andreas playing the ball far more advanced on the field, unlike the previous match where he was safe. Clean and miss a little. Score goals too and then it should be fine.

Amiduo Diop: 5 points
Just like Andreas, but even more creative with the ball on the foot. Have a very good and easy to follow step. He also scored many goals. Next year, hopefully he and Andreas will score at least 3-4 goals. Sink a little on Bamba's goal by not covering the room that appears behind Aasbak when the last one is in attack.

Liridon Kalludra: 4 points
Many good triangle games in the KBK midfield. There is Liri in the middle and in the ace. Both running and dribbling (and succeeding) over this fall than he did at the start of the season. Exchange with Aasmundsen in the last quarter

Sondre Sørli: 4 points
Obviously, Sondre has now gained trust. Work safer and stronger, although there is still something to do in terms of strength. Walk a lot, take good initiatives and dare to try.

Torgil Gjertsen: 4 points
Varied parts, but often occur in the most stringent situations. A constant urgency that your opponent must always pay attention to. It seems to be a player who has been prepared a lot this year. Exchange with Bye in the last half hour.

Aliou Coly: 4 points
With Coly above, you get real power and speed. It's better to go back and stop in the middle, but do more work than agreed above. Involved in a situation that was rather unfavorable and unnecessary in the first place, but fortunately it went well with all involved.

Bendik Bye. Stian Aasmundsen and Henrik Gjesdal enter into what is one of the best matches for this year, if not the best. Especially Aasmundsen was very positive and central in the quarter he played. Bye is still the top scorer, while Gjesdal is expected to occur next year.

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