Tuesday , July 27 2021

Live Drammen24 – This must be remembered before shopping on Black Friday

The survey we conducted shows that half of us trade on Black Friday. That day might be a good opportunity to do away from the Christmas gift shop. Make a price check so you know the offer is good.

"We are all influenced by ads that attract attention and save to skip offers. Take precautions before throwing you into the store. First of all, it's good to think about what to buy and what to plan. Then there is less risk of encouraging your purchase. sorry, "said Pia Cecilie Høst, acting director of digital communications and services.

– Don't hesitate first. Check whether the price is really a lot by comparing prices for the same item in another store or online.

Use Black Friday to buy whatever you need

We recommend using Black Friday to buy quality at a low cost. More than one in three people think that the Black Friday offer is good and as long as you do the survey needed to check whether the offer is really good, you can make a good deal.

"If you are looking for a special Christmas gift or a new vacuum cleaner for a Christmas bag, it is strongly recommended that you make it half price on Black Friday, Høst said.

– Remember that the answer to the offer comes with a claim right. You have five years of appeal on, for example, white goods, even if they are bought at half the price, the director added.

Check the price

Surveys show that younger consumers compare prices with levels greater than older ones.

"Young consumers are accustomed to shopping online and easily compare prices. The survey also shows that Black Friday offers are the most popular among those under the age of 30. From that we can rely on making conscious choices and finding good deals, close Høst.

Advice about bargaining

If you find that the item is cheaper elsewhere or you don't need it, maybe to get your money back or a replacement.

– If you shop online from Norwegian or EU / EEA stores, you have withdrawal rights. This allows you to use both before and after you accept the offer. Do you shop at the store so check whether the store offers open purchases or approvals, Autumn advice.

For those who want to withdraw credit cards on Black Friday, our message is that you must have money to pay bills on the due date:

– Maybe it's a blue Monday after Black Friday if you have to pay high interest rates. On the other hand, credit cards provide additional security against fraud. Then you can really complain to the bank if the store doesn't give you what you pay for. You have the same rights when shopping online with Visa cards, ending Pia Cecilie Autumn.

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