Friday , July 30 2021

Manchester City beat Shakhtar Donetsk in the Champions League

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Hurricane Manchester City is ahead and has nine points in four matches in Group F.


Manchester City have full control over the Champions League settlement against Shakthar Donetsk Ukraine on Wednesday night.

David Silva scored the first goal at night in Ethiad, when he stood completely unmarked at five yards and a wide-ball on the net. Gabriel Jesus doubled the hosts' penalty area before Raheem Sterling scored 3-0.

City received a new penalty after 70 minutes, which Jesus once again put in the goal. Riyad Mahrez increased to 5-0, five minutes before it ended.

Gabriel Jesus made a complete humiliation and scored a hat trick at overtime, with a beautiful round above guard Shakthar.

But even though City seemed to have full control over the fight against the big Ukrainian team, it was a situation that decided to finish the match when City led 1-0 and the match was still open.

– Pep and the team laugh at him

After 24 minutes Gabriel Jesus scored from the penalty spot when his team mate Raheem Sterling was clearly given a penalty without being invited. The Englishman tried to get out of oblique, but kicked his leg straight to the ground and so he dropped on the grass (see the situation video below the article).

Jesus' goal led 2-0 to "The Cityzens".

Although the distance between Raheem Sterling and defender Shakthar is very high. still condemning the punishment of Viktor Kassai.

This has made experts on TV 2 studios react and social media to boil.

– This is a complete comic field! Raheem Sterling kicked the ground, but the referee believed he would be in the field. 2-0 for Manchester City in an extraordinary way, said soccer referee Erik Thorstvedt.

The former national team guard clearly said that Sterling had to admit that he met the referee.

At the Viasat studio, Daniel Høglund made television viewers realize that City manager Pep Guardiola and his team members realized that Sterling's violation was not a punishment.

"You see the stands that Pep and his team laugh at him. They realize that it's not a punishment.

Pep Guardiola himself said there was no penalty after the match ended, according to BBC Sport. Even Raheem Sterling admitted there was no penalty.

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Guardiola: – We understand it

"We realized there was no penalty. Raheem could have said to the referee. We did not like it being a goal in that situation, said Guardiola after the match before continuing:

"We know about the VAR (Video Assistant Referee) needed by the judge, so they don't do such a loss," Guardiola said, according to BBC Sport.

Sterling admitted to BT Sport after the end of the match in an interview that he was not close to the player because he almost tripped over his own feet.

"I'm on my way to throw a ball, but I don't know what happened. I know there is no contact. Sorry, Sterling said.

VANT: Pep Guardiola leads Manchester City to a 6-0 victory on Wednesday.

Craig Mercer
Photo of Pa / scanpix NTB

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Damned to Sterling and Judge

It didn't take long after the referee punished a penalty before the twitter comment started to boil.

Silva with a new record

In the 14th match, David Silva easily found his way to a clean mask when he stood completely unmarked at a distance of five meters. Riyad Mahrez found the technical team in the box with a low post.

Silva's goal is his third goal in four Champions League matches during the 2018/19 season. The midfielder hasn't scored so many goals during one previous Champions League season.

24 minutes into the match, Raheem Sterling sent a penalty to Manchester City after kicking the ball down. Despite the fact that the Englishman was not close to the opponent, the referee punished penalties on penalties.

It was a simple Garbiel Jesus in the goal, even though he tripped during the shooting.

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sterling event

Four minutes in the second half, it was the screen for the new Sterling show, but this time the quality of the 23-year-old football was around. He received a high ball on the field and herded easily past two Shakthar players.

The Englishman slipped into court and put the ball on his right foot, from about twelve meters, and turned the ball elegantly to the corner.

Gabriel Jesus increased the lead to 4-0 with a penalty after 72 minutes. This time, it's a clear penalty. Riyad Mahrez had the honor of decorating the result to 5-0, five minutes before the end.

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