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May 17 – Boudad full of clay and "almost naked man" was thrown to the sea

There is some tension that the fact that May 17 this year falls on Friday will make the holiday of the national holiday even more extreme than usual. From Twitter messages in police stations, employees across the country have had enough to keep their fingers:

At the Fiskebasaren pub to the Moss Canal, the police had to move to a "very nasty and almost naked and drunken man," who got into a boat and, among other things, destroyed the canopy.

– Hard and perhaps somewhat irritated audience threw the man into the canal. He was taken out of the police and taken to prison Eastern Police District,

The inner police district had to deal with a number of motor-related events. Among other things stopped a motorist as a "child" in the center of the Fly, and, on closer inspection, it turned out to be drunk.

Lyrical police

Police in Trendelag are most concerned about how many people take care of the subtle stagnation. So much that they he was writing a poem about it:

Today is the day to fix in your clothes
But with a tea shampoo you can go a while
In bunada and findresa
shit and give up
many have the stain, which is removed from evil

"We received a message about a lady full of clay," explains Operations Director Ebbe Kimo, who is also the author of the poet.

The Operations Manager is accustomed to doing so on May 17th.

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"There are many messages for the people who are grown at home on the way from the holiday, and we have a handful of arrests. We also have 20-30 diaries of full people who are unable to care for themselves, to sleep in the streets and in the parks. He should not be like this May 17, he sighed.

Jump to the sea

"We noticed it was a good time, and there were drunks all day long. But we have not had many cases, says Mere and the police officer of Romsdall Sindre Moln.

The diary in the Twitter area testifies to battles and other troubles. Olesunn had to take a guy after he was there jumped to the sea in a drunk state and take care of it by the police.

"Most cases were people who were expelled or sent home," says Moliness.

The head of the operation finds it difficult to compare with previous years, but notes that people have started drinking early, which is the basis of open cafes.

– Now we'll see what happens tonight; or people have come home or are still gathering, says Moliness.

«Almost Atmosphere»

Oslo police had to deal with a number of fighting and mood swings, including restaurants and nightclubs in Aker Brygge and Grünerløkka.

"We had a number of reports of inconveniences that have a lot to do with the experience, and that's probably more than if May 17 had fallen on another day of the week," Oslo Tor Gulfbrands director of Dagbladet said.

But he adds:

– Compare day with regular Saturday night / night until Sunday. This way it differs little.

Broken glass door

Agder also had his share of trouble, including reports of battles at the Kristiansand bus station, and a man who kicked through a glass door, resulting in a bleeding leg.

"It really has gone to the same level. There have been no serious injuries to remind us, but we have some tasks related to the order throughout the evening, says operative leader Lin Andresen.

– What we have now is often related to the younger audience. Not necessarily Russ, but a younger youth. We have a little work, but there were no special events here, says Andresen.

Quiet to the north

According to operational centers in the northern part is strikingly quiet.

"It's quiet tonight," said Anne Rigmo Sederholm, an operational manager in the Finmark police district.

– We had three shifts. The guardian of the message at that time was that there was no big deal. So far, it's quiet, even though it's Friday night, says Troms Police Operations Director Leonard Steffensen.

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