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Mussels after the first party at the chess World Cup – Mussels after Carlsen-bommert: – Looks like he's nervous

LONDON (Dagbladet): Magnus Carlsen seems to have had a fantastic start at the World Cup, but with black pieces, the ruling world champion gave up the opportunity for the early appointment of defender Fabiano Caruana.

The players must enter a marathon party of 115 characters, finally dividing the score.

Nordmann had a solid time in the early days of the match, but when Carlsen began to win in his bare hands, he also began to spend a lot of time.

In the 40th draw – the last before the duelant is given 50 new minutes – Carlsen moves the runner to c6, followed by a grid given on his head.

Better than yesterday

Magnus Carlsen admitted at a press conference that he was left with mixed feelings after the marathon party.

"I pointed out today that I don't always go for reference. I'm not too excited, but if you look at it from the viewer's perspective, everything is a little better than yesterday," said the Norwegian.

Carlsen also showed that he felt his own game was very encouraging compared to how he played last time.

Fabiano Caruana, in turn, was disappointed with his own game and said that he felt he had suffered several defeats during the party.

"It was a special experience with all the photographers and so on. I entered it quickly, but unfortunately my game wasn't that good today.

– Looks like he's nervous

Australian grandmaster and chess expert Ian Rogers believes Carlsen is nervous when it approaches time because of the clock.

"At some point, around the 35th draw, Fabiano was more relaxed, while Magnus looked like he thought he would throw it away, Rogers told Dagbladet only after the player had 50 minutes.

"He spent a lot of time and couldn't find the right steps. Fabiano had done a very good job in defending himself with a little time, Rogers continued.

After the 40th lottery, winning wins came out, showing what was called pila.

"Did Magnus lose the chance to win?

"I'm sure the computer will say that, but when you see it directly without a computer, Fabiano seems to be the most important.

Fact: Chess World Cup.

* Government champion: Magnus Carlsen

* Challenge: Fabiano Caruana (US)

* Play at The College in Holborn, London

* The first party is played Friday. Items until November 28

* 12 lots. First place to 6.5 points wins

* Holidays are added to 11, 14, 17, 20, 23, 25 and November 27.

* Premium prize: 1 million euros (9.5 million). The winner gets 60 percent. In turn, the distribution is 55/45.

* Organizers: FIDE (International Chess Association) and Agon (FIDE commercial partners)

* Carlsen has been a world champion in the past five years. He defeated Vishy Anand in 2013 and 2014, while Sergei Karjakin was beaten in 2016.

* This is the first World Cup Caruanas in classical chess. (NTB)

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