Monday , June 21 2021

New research project on contamination and biosecurity in salmon farming

The project is titled "Contraception and biosecurity in Norwegian salmon production" and is funded by the FHF.

"If we succeed with this project – to create a new standard to be recognized and accepted by industry and enforcement authorities over the next 5-10 years – then we will write history," says Øyvind Oaland, director of R & D and global technology at Mowi .

Logistics and operations

He is one of the business representatives in the project reference group.

– This will ensure that we can achieve the ambitions of sustainable growth. Ambitions should not be less than that and we will do that, continues Oaland.

The project will provide documentation on the importance of the various logistical, operational and structural conditions in the industry related to the risk of spreading infectious agents and diseases.

New recommendations

The aim is, among other things, to make recommendations on best practices related to optimal infection protection and bio-security in salmon production. This includes risk management, impact assessment and measures that can deliver cost-effective performance.

"When we turn to this now, it is to begin work that can lay the foundations for new recommendations and concrete measures that will be of great importance for the prevention of infection in the short and long term," says Sven Martin Jorgensen, head of the FHF report.

The project has a 1½ year time frame and is managed by BDO in cooperation with Åkerblå.

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