Saturday , July 24 2021

Now comes the new Kia Soul

New Kia Soul got the world premiere at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show this month. Soul is an icon for Kias design, and now a new generation of popular models for 2020 is launched.

According to Norwegian importers, the design will soon be recognized.

"The New Soul will remain uncompromising and have a" personality "that invites you to drive!", The message said.

The new Soul will come with more drives, both different turbochargers and electric versions. The car will be sold in Europe next year, and it is an electric car that is relevant to the Norwegian market.

Today Kia Soul is a success, although VANV news agency statistics can show something else. So far this year, 1,162 new souls have been registered. In addition, 3,394 "used" cars have been imported, most of which are actually new, but the cars have been registered for one day in Germany to decorate the electric car statistics there.

Further details are unknown, but the following teaser images have been sent:

Photo: Kia

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