Tuesday , August 3 2021

Now, the Surface Go is available in the 4G edition

The small Microsoft Surface Go is one of the most portable and useful notebooks we know of, and is currently the only voter for those who are traveling. LTE Edition – that's where your computer has built-in cellular broadband over the 4G network – is on its way.

Initially, there were business customers who would enjoy better and smarter internet connectivity without Wi-Fi available. Here the country is the release date set until November 22.

Some definite prices in the Norwegian chroner for the new release have not yet been received, but given the LTE functionality for the ordinary Surface Pro means a lot of thousands of extras, we consider that this is almost the same for the Surface Go too.

Simpler and better coverage

With integrated cellular broadband, you don't depend on Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet. Commuters and other people who frequently travel also realize that free Wi-Fi offers such as buses and trains have very varied qualities.

When we tested the Surface Pro with LTE on the Surface Pro that was connected to the cellphone, there were clear quality differences in the connection. Photo: Vegar Jansen, Tek.no

Admittedly, you can use most modern smartphones to connect your computer wirelessly to the web too, but not as fast and practical as having built-in functions.

Another thing is that a better antenna on a computer means a more stable connection with lower latency and better speed.

Learn more about how integrated mobile broadband works, in testing our Microsoft Surface Pro with LTE Advanced.

Not with a reasonable configuration

So far, Microsoft has nothing to say about prices or availability for private customers. But when we look at the prices of US companies, it seems that Go with LTE will only be available in the most expensive configuration – that is with 128GB of storage and 8GB of memory.

Photo: Vegar Jansen, Tek.no

Today has a price tag of 5900 kroner, so we can count on the fact that private customers who want the LTE edition must spend more than 7000 kroners here.

When this happened, we didn't know at the time of writing, but Microsoft had promised to provide further information later.

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