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Sigrid Raabe – Here meets Norwegian pop star Duchess Meghan


In October, Norwegian star shooter Sigrid Raabe (21) can announce that he will sing for Queen Elizabeth (92) and other members of the British royal family in London. And yesterday for the "The Royal Variety Performance" charity concert at the Palladium London, he was proud of the scene in front of several guests celebrating.

Among other things, the Sussex Duchess was present during the show. About half a year ago Prince Harry (34) and Duchess Meghan (37) married Windsor, and they have succeeded in several joint official missions. Yesterday was no exception when they sat on the queen's side during a spectacular concert.

Other performers, such as Rick Astley and Andrea Bocelli, were also on the stage that night. That, on the other hand, happened after the concert, which caused many Norwegian hearts to knock. Duchess Meghan takes the time to chat with all the artists afterwards, including our own Sigrid.

Star meeting

Artists, who have made clean tables from singles such as "Don't Kill My Vibe" and "Foreigners" in recent years, have become favorite favorites abroad. It might not be too strange that he had received an invitation for the show that was shown a lot. He has toured in Europe lately, and has spent some time in England.

TEMPORARY BEGEISTRET: It is not easy to tell who the meeting of this star is the best. Photo: Scanpix NTB
TEMPORARY CONFIRMATION: It's not easy to tell who this star meeting is the best. Photo: Scanpix NTB
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The songs are at least as famous as houses in Norway, something similar to the popular talk show "The Graham Norton Show" might have contributed.

This hasn't managed to see and listen to Sigrids Geir Luedy's manager on Tuesday afternoon. He also wrote nothing about appearances on social media. However, the video from the special meeting was posted by Instagram, a fake account, which clearly shows how tense the sun is in front of the meeting.

While Duchess Meghan was talking to the person next to her, she smiled broadly and hoped to welcome 37 years. Traditional Noing, which is a royal meeting task, also exists.

– Sang to heart

Kongehusekspert in See and Listen, Anders Johan Stavseng, said that this meeting was very good.

Sigrid sang in the heart of Meghan during his Annual Variety in London. While Sigrid is on the scene, Meghan and Harry turn on the lights in the king's room. After the concert, Sigrid Hilse gets Meghan and Harry, and Meghan seems very happy with Sigrid's beautiful song, he said, and continues:

"You can't hear what Meghan said to Sigrid in the clip, but from the response of the Foreigner artist, it looks like she got six dice from Meghan! The Alesund girl is a worldly type, just like Duchess Meghan. Not many Norwegians are welcomed by Meghan, and Sigrid is probably the only Norwegian artist to sing for the Duchess, he said.

The show will appear on TV within a month and be broadcast worldwide. According to TV 2, it is considered a Christmas tradition in more than 50 countries.

EVENTS: The feeling of the baby Duchess Meghan is getting bigger. Photo: Scanpix NTB
GROW: The taste of the baby Duchess Meghans is getting bigger. Photo: Scanpix NTB
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After an extraordinary event, there were many foreign media who noticed something other than the meeting of Norwegian artists. Some believe that you can finally start seeing baby food that grows from the duchess.

This was not known during the Duchy administration, but in the announcement it was hoped that the child would come in spring 2019. In the past few weeks, the image of Meghan's growing baby has become more visible, and some Duchess clothes have highlighted the small bull.

Short dress

It's no secret that as a member of the British royal family there are a number of rules to follow – also about dressing.

Therefore it might seem strange that he and Dukeess Kate, in a controversial family, spent much shorter dresses during pregnancy than usual.

Dukeess Kate has had a dress several times that has shown many legs, and crossed her knees, and now Meghan is doing the same. According to British Express, it's all about moving focus to the feet and hands.

TAKE WIND: When Harry and Meghan land in New Zealand, the duchess chooses
TAKE WIND: When Harry and Meghan land in New Zealand, the duchess chooses "little black". Photo: NTB Scanpix
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HIGH QUALITY: In March, just a month before he gave birth to Prince Louis, Kate brought a green mint dress, a long dress with a matching suit. Photo: NTB Scanpix
pregnant: In March, just a month before he gave birth to Prince Louis, Kate brought a green mint dress, long sleeves with a matching suit. Photo: NTB Scanpix
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Avisa wrote that Dukeess's favorite maternity clothing brand Kate had Seraphine, and the newspaper had talked with the creator behind the clothing brand, Cecile Reinaud.

He told Express that it was always advisable to emphasize the arms and legs to keep the silhouette during pregnancy.

"Kate of course," he said.

"On several occasions he had a dress on his knee, which he usually never used, he continued.

Furthermore, Reinaud pointed out that Meghan also chose shorter clothes during a recent tour of Australia, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand.

Must follow more rules

According to Business Insider, it was previously known that it was considered a violation of the royal clothing protocol to show only additions. Regardless of temperature and weather, royal women should wear transparent tights, write the site.

Meghan has shown several times that she runs her own way, and, in addition, has given her skin in this case, among others, both during the recent tour and during the official engagement announcement last fall.

MEGHAN AND HARRY: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are married in the Chapel of St. George at Windsor Castle. Here they say "yes" to each other. Video: AP
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As Dagbladet has written before, Meghan must experience a series of upheavals to become members of the most conservative royal family in the world.

And even though we have come to 2018, and European royal homes are still being modernized, 37 years also have to find a number of simple changes.

Colored nail polish must, among other things, be something Meghan must say goodbye, according to Glamor. Queen Elizabeth (92) of course swears in colors like pale pink or skin when nails will be painted, something Meghan later copied – even at her own wedding.

Also, when it comes to hair, there is a discussion about how the royal hairstyle will look or be visible. Meghan, for example, was criticized when he appeared with a more relaxed hair knot – rather than tight variations – in March. Dresses that show too much thighs, bare shoulders and callouts are other things that don't seem to be on the list.

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