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Skavlan is not afraid of bad seas – NRK Culture and entertainment


After 20 years as a NRK talk show host, Fredrik Skavlan announced the transition to TV 2 in June. They put more money on the table than NRK. In addition, they can provoke digital efforts into the Sumo 2 TV satellite network.

The TV 2 Premiere this fall brings together 440,000 drivers. There are 220,000 fewer drivers than the fall of the NRK prime the previous year. After that, stopping at sea continues to descend. Last week there were under 250,000 drivers who took the program on Friday night.

In an interview on "Ukeslutt" Fredrik Skavlan concluded that they took calculated risks when they thanked them for the offer of TV 2.

"We took great opportunities with our Norwegian market, but we knew what we were doing. But for years I had a bad road.

In one fancy situation

Even if they know the conversation will go down on the new channel, the case may be bigger than what editorial staff and channels have seen.

– Both us and TV 2 were disappointed with the connection. We mean, we made a good program. This fall we have several interviews that we really like. At the same time it's easy to choose between the two. We can't wait for people to always choose us.

A slow decline may be good for the program in the long run.

– I mean we are good at this. This is a fancy situation to have transit time right after "New again" which gives you lots of assignments. I have been used to enjoying it for years.

New 2017 Pernille Sørensen, Bård Tufte Johansen and Johan Golden.

"New again" is the most regulated program in Norway, and also contributes to the good sea of ​​this program. For many years Fredrik Skavlan was able to enjoy this.

Photo: Anne Liv Ekroll, NRK

Afraid not to be lowered

TV 2 has bought a rifle for "Skavlan" in four seasons, it will last for two years. However, in line with the falling chart, several questions have long been crying for TV 2 ending with this program. But programmers aren't afraid for the future.

"We have no problem with the high seas. We make the biggest talk show in the Nordic countries. Talking in Sweden is good and we can stop for a long time.

It was Anne Lindmo who rounded up "Gullrekka" on NRK 1 on Friday night after the transition to "Skavlan". They have more drivers after the program is moved from Saturday to Friday. But Fredrik Skavlan did not make him look at "Lindmo" as a competitor.

"I don't experience Anne as a competitor. They have a clear Norwegian profile, we don't. And then it's true that you are bigger in Norway than I am. We make a narrower event.

Nora Mørk, here from the recording of Lindmo on Friday

NRK has managed to move "Lindmo" from Saturday to Friday. This is the guest Nora Mørk in the early fall. Fredrik Skavlan did not see Anne Lindmo as one of the competitors. He meiner "Lindmo" has a Norwegian profile, while "Skavlan" has more international rights.

Photo: Julia Marie Naglestad / NRK

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