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Solskjaer for difficult choices: – Headaches

Arsenal – Manchester United 1-3

Dagbladet: The start of the dream will never end for Ole Gunnar Solskjayer, who has only eight victories out of eight as a manager.

This evening, Arsenal had to bite the grass after Manchester United again showed how effective it might be if the attackers get a feather of goals.

"It's great to go into the glass. This is one of the toughest matches you can get, says Solzzer on the BBC after the match.

Against Tottenham and Arsenal, Solskar used the assailants broadly and Jessie Linggard in the so-called fake kidney. North man was asked if he would continue the tactics against major teams like Liverpool and PSG, who are expecting the opposite half later this month.

"I will not give this information," says Saltzger with a laugh in his voice.

"It depends, depends on who is healthy at the moment and what we think is right. We thought hard about it before we got here, but we worked well during the week and it worked. This is something we can change, says Solskjær.

Sanchez gets hot

The Norwegian chose to start with Alexis Sanchez and Romulus Lukaku at the top, the former scoring, and the Belgian had two goals misses.

Especially he longed for Sanchez, who had been struggling for a long time.

– The more you trust, the more you want to practice on the pitch and trust yourself. He's been hurt lately, so it was amazing to see him play 65-70 minutes tonight. He can only improve, and I think he knows it alone, "Solzzer said of Sanchez at the press conference after the match.

Difficult choice

It also meant that Anthony Martial and Marcus Rhapsford were resting. Team ground was, and it's all, but not easy for Solskar.

– When you have good players it is difficult to skip them and easily remove them. It was just as easy to place Sergio (Romero) as the goal to put Eric (Bailey) in the center but it is hard to miss David (de Gea) because he is the best goalkeeper in the world but you believe the players, says Solskjær of MUTV.

– I've been in trouble since I came here because the team is full of good players. It is up to us to choose the right tactics and players. We have to take some rest because some big games will soon be there. But we have fresh bones, he told the BBC about choosing a team.

If Sanchez and Lucacou continue to deliver the goods on the track, it will be very difficult to count two of the five strikers in shape.

Show the race

Against Tottenham, Manchester United collapsed after a break despite winning 1-0, which was the episode of the last few games. Today the red runs were depleted and also scored counterattack at the end of the match.

"Today we looked more like a real team. We were more structured. We worked hard to protect ourselves on the counter. The competitions are classic Manchester United – Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ji Sung Park – we have scored so many goals in Arsenal over the years, says Solzger and continues:

"Today was a big step forward. It was a real improvement from the Tottenham match. It's easy to be excited and talk about the future, but we just have to work and think about the next battle.

"The attitudes we show when the storm is fantastic," said Norwegian in Manchester United's own TV channel.

The FA Cup fifth round is Monday, and Solskar has no opponents.

– It would be nice to have a home game, but today we have won one of the favorites. But if you want to win this tournament, you need one or two real performances and today it's fantastic, says Solzzer.

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