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The best seller is in Norway – with important news

When Volkswagen came out with a recharging hybrid version of the Passat, it became an immediate success in Norway.

Zero charges, a powerful gasoline engine, a lot of space and a lot of equipment combined with the possibility of getting out of the small electric current is something that many Norwegians have fallen.

In connection with the introduction of a completely new emission calculation system, the battery-powered Passat GTE is remote from the Norwegian market for a while. It's been a long time since the dealers stopped accepting orders.

But now it is clear about the return. This happens as long as the whole Passat family is available in a modernized edition. The model has received a facelift that includes important news for GTE.

Enlarged range

Volkswagen showed this for the first time at the great Geneva Motor Show in March. Now the same specimen that was exposed there was a quick Norges visite with the discovery of the importer in Oslo.

We are talking a handcrafted pre-production model. The first cars of customers will come into production at the end of summer this year.

Scope is often the first question you ask for such cars. And here things really happened with Pasat. The battery pack has increased by 30% and is now 13 kWh. It provides scope for the new and tighter 55-kilometer WLTP measurement method.

Volkswagen stopped the production of GTE

The new rear lights have clear similarities to those found in SUV Big Brother Touareg.

It starts at 455,000 kronor

If compared to the "old" measurement of NEDC, it would correspond to about 75 kilometers measured by this. 55 kilometer power should be relatively realistic in normal driving in the summer.

Cordless hybrids are still very favorable through the Norwegian tax system. This is reflected in the price here. Passat GTE starts at NOK 455,000. He then has a 218 horsepower petrol engine, automatic transmission and rigid equipment package as standard.

Here's what VW can deliver to driver support systems, in addition to new navigation and LED dipped lights, to name a few. With VW We Connect, the car is always connected to the Internet, which opens up a number of new solutions.

This is both a crude and sensible family car

Not many competitors

Experience shows that many customers choose the so-called transport package, and then come with an electric foldable hitch, remote-controlled heater and mesh wall and luggage net. This package costs NOK 18,000. In this way, it is quite possible to obtain a "finished" car with metal varnishes and winter wheels in addition to that, within a budget of NOK 500,000.

Given the size, this means that the Passat GTE does not have many real competitors. What VW can not offer here is 4×4. This is explained by the fact that there will simply be no space without going too far beyond the boot volume.

Top 10: Universal with the largest luggage compartment

The new and much bigger Passat logo in the hedge is exactly what we see in many new cars now.

Launched in September

It is known that Volkswagen is very cautious about the visual effects when running a facelift of its models. This also applies to the new Passat. These are small details, but in general it is absolutely possible to see that the car has become new.

The armrests and grilles have been changed, there are new rear lights, and in the back we see a detail that many car manufacturers come to. Namely, PASSAT literally spread across the hedge.

Volkswagen launched the pre-sale of the car in May. He is then ready to play here at home in September.

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