Monday , October 18 2021

The creator of Ooblets shares his hatred for the threats on the Epic Games Store


The Ooblets game wasn't exactly on the radar of many before Wednesday, but then the developers of Glumberland released a message announcing that the PC edition of the Patreon game would be exclusive to the Epic Games Store. As expected, this created strong reactions among some, leading to some extremely offensive messages, death threats and what they could be. Ben Wasser and Rebecca Cordelli probably should have taken a slightly different tone in advertising, but there must be some way to react.

Wasser went to Medium again to tell how the last days were a nightmare for him and his wife. There, among other things, he shares some of the nasty messages they received, and let's just say that I have no intention of repeating them here. At the same time, we are reading about how some people have shared false screenshots or got rid of Vasser messages that put it in an even worse light. Epic also noticed this, so they released a statement condemning the behavior on Monday.

The good news is that the family also needs to get a lot of positive support from some, so they generally share their experiences to go out and warn others about what they might have in store if they do something like that.

So we may have different opinions about the agreements that Epic makes today, but I sincerely hope that neither of you reaches the thousands who have made every day a terrible thing for the two who just wanted to be a little more secure financially,


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