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The food giant wheezed on mixed Wall Street

He finished mixed on Wall Street on Thursday. This comes after Wall Street had its worst day so far in 2019, falling about three percent to base indices.

In recent days, fears of recession have been the focus of investors' attention. On Wednesday, the US yield curve reversed when looking at the interest rate gap between 10 and 2-year government debt. To some extent, the special phenomenon has happened five times since 1978, and in any case there has been a recession in less than two years.

On Thursday, however, a number of key figures showed strength in the US economy.

Among other things, retail sales in the US grew 0.7% year-on-year in July, compared to an expected 0.3%.

Productivity outside the agricultural sector increased by 2.3% compared to the expected 1.4%.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia's index was 16.8 points in August from a 10-point index.

The only thing that was disappointing were the claims for the unemployed, which came in at 220,000, against the estimated 213,000.

"Financial data this morning has a calming effect on the stock market," Larry Adam of Raymond James Private Client Group told CNBC.

Otherwise, news came today about a trade war that is not easily interpreted in a clear direction.

China's finance minister said Thursday that China has the right to take action to counter America's recent $ 300 billion increase in tariffs on consumer goods, minus consumer electronics and some items for shoes and clothing.

At the same time, Hua Chuning, a spokesman for China's foreign ministry, said China hoped the US would "meet China in half and reach a consensus between the two parties at the Osaka meeting."

"The market is confused as to what the outcome will be," Northwestern Mutual's Brent Schutt told CNBC, adding that the market seems skeptical.

The Dow Jones rose 0.39 percent to 25,578.98.

19 of the 30 stocks in the index rose.

The clear winner today was food giant Walmart which gave strong quarterly numbers and guidance. The stock increased 6.10%, which provides good resistance to the index.

Boeing rose 2.37 percent, while Coca-Cola rose 1.64 percent.

In terms of loss, Cisco Systems dropped 8.61 percent. The company presented after the closing of yesterday's quarterly figures as disappointed. In addition, the guidelines were slightly lower than expected.

Otherwise, McDonald's rose 0.82 percent while Apple dropped 0.50 percent.

The Nasdaq fell 0.09 percent to 7,766.62.

Amazon rose 0.75 percent after it became clear that investor legend Warren Buffets was Berkshire Hathaway increased its position in the company in the second quarter.

Facebook rose 1.60 percent, while Netflix dropped 1.12 percent.

The Tilray cannabis company dropped 10.04 percent.

Tesla fell 1.81 percent.

The S&P 500 rose 0.25 percent to 2 487.59.

Today's big headline was the huge General Electric conglomerate, which dropped 11.41 percent after a signal should have stated that the company was "more fraud than Enron"

The announcer is Harry Markopolos, who is known for unveiling the Bernie Madoff scandal.

The report, made by Markopolos and a number of others, is 175 pages long, and they believe GE has a "long history" of accounting fraud dating back to 1995.

"The claims made by Mr Markopolos are invaluable," GE said in a statement, saying the report was made for large hedge funds to make money from shorting stocks.

Otherwise, the Macy's clothing chain fell 3.87 percent. The company presented quarterly figures and guidance yesterday as disappointed.

The VIX, or Fear Index, fell 4.07 percent to 21.20 points.

Oil prices fell on Thursday.

At the end of the US stock market, the spread between two-year and ten-year interest rates is about three basis points. 2-year-olds were up 9.8 basis points to 1482 percent, while 10-year-olds were 6.8 basis points up to 1513 percent. The 30-year-olds are up 5.6 basis points to 1.964 percent.

The price of gold rose 0.29 percent to $ 1532.60 an ounce.

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