Sunday , June 20 2021

The Sölvtrans boat hit the ground almost two weeks ago. Only yesterday reported the incident

On Thursday, the Norwegian Maritime Directorate received several questions about the 12-year-old boat with Ronja Superior, which belongs to the shipping company Ålesund Sølvtrans.

"We planned to get in touch with the shipping company to hear if something happened, but then they are ahead," said Dag Inge Aarhus, Communications Manager at the Norwegian Maritime Directorate in Sisla on Thursday.

The boat is registered in the Norwegian Ordinary Register of Shipping (NOR) and thus has an obligation to report this type of incident, whether it has a lesser touch to the ground or a more serious ground.

– First report that this is a clear violation of the reporting obligation they have. Initially, it must be notified within 72 hours, says Aarhus at Sisla.

When the website connects to the shipping company, they receive a press release stating that Ronja Superior had a basic touch at the entrance to Mallaig on January 13. The ship went to Mallaig and landed the fish as planned. Solund Verft in Solund municipality for damage repair as well as annual maintenance.

Moreover, the company has no comments.

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