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The star stars received the shock: – Third rescue


British cross-country star Andrew Musgrave, 29, lives and trains in Norway, and during a training session on Monday he got an unexpected company on the track.

Suddenly, a moose popped into the belt of the roller skating facility in Trondheim and Musgrave could hardly believe it with his own eyes. He had to stop for the King of the Forest, who recently made one of the descending slopes of the plant to his new home.

– Runs around and is not afraid of people. A dog was walking, but the moose left immediately without fear. When the dog barks, the moose laugh, Musgrave tells Dagbladet.

ELK: The elk goes to the dog and its owner. Photo by Andrew Musgrave
ELGEN: The moose goes to the dog and its owner. Photo by Andrew Musgrave
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"Isn't it safe with a lock there?"

"No, are you crazy?" When driving at 60 km / h, it is not optimal to have a moose there. One does not know what he is doing or what path he will take.

"My boyfriend also hit him and she thinks it was halfway to attack once," he says.

Musgrave is with Emily Fleten, who is also a cross country skier.

Rescuer for moose

In 2013, John Christian Dahl was surprised by a moose in Bimarka in Trondheim. Therefore, it is not uncommon for a large animal to come into contact with people in the area.

It is also not the first time Musgrave has been threatened with moose. He met an unclean animal in Alaska a few years ago and has since been scared of the giant animal.

“I lived in Alaska for six years and was in a tent with a friend one evening. Then the moose came to the tent in the middle of the night. He leaned against the tent so that several of the tent poles clicked. I was scared afterwards, laughing Musgrave.

LIVREDD: Andrew Musgrave wouldn't have preferred a moose to walk around the lounge. Photo by Andrew Musgrave
LIFE: Andrew Musgrave would prefer not to have a moose walk around the salon. Photo by Andrew Musgrave
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In super shape

British and cross-country skiing are no ordinary combination, but Musgrave has given the island nation something to be proud of in recent years. He has been at the World Cup for over ten years and has been on the podium twice – in Quebec and Toblach in 2017.

During Blinkfestival over the weekend, the 29-year-old man came in with some scary photos of what he might have in store. When the Norwegian elite cross assembled in Sandnes, the British stole the show.

Northhug Purity: The Pål Trøan Aune skier made it to the finals during the Drammen sprint, but he is perhaps best known as the chicken boiler in Peter Northug's Instagram account. Video by Kristoffer Løkås / Dagbladet
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He first won Blink Classics with a raw barrel before setting Lysebotn at an astonishing pace. No one was able to keep up with Musgrave, who won two of the three races he ran for. This promises good hunting for the first World Cup winner of his career.

– This is the goal. The form is good now, but it's hard to know how to approach the others. People do sports differently and this is the beginning of the season. At least I'm not a bad person, he thinks.

– Fuck me so disappointed

Musgrave also had good chances in the third round, which he placed in Sandnes, but the dream of a three ended in a metal fence. However, it wasn't the fall itself that made the British annoyed.

“I'm fine, but I'm damn disappointed. I had the worst drop of all time, which became a really good TV, but they changed the camera angles just before it fell. When you first fall, you want it on television, but now it was no joke, he says.

After the fall, Musgrave found himself number 31 out of 31 who finished.

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