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The suspicion of rabies in two reindeer of Svalbard is denied

The samples analyzed by the Veterinary Institute show that the deer had no rabies.

Rabies have been proven several times before in Svalbard. Since early May, four foxes and one deer have been found. Previously, two outbreaks of rabies were seen in Svalbard's animals in 1980 and in 2011. There is no doubt about human infection.

Rabies is a fatal viral disease that attacks the nervous system of warm-blooded animals but can also infect humans. Disease is also known as canine disease. Handling of animals or animals suspected of dying in rabies should only be carried out by persons specifically trained to do so. They must wear protective equipment and have good hand hygiene. There is a rabies vaccine.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority is the Svalbard Animal Health Advisory Body. The Svalbard governor is responsible for Svalbard's emergency preparedness and implements and coordinates the measures. The Veterinary Institute analyzes samples and provides professional advice to the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. The Norwegian Public Health Institute provides professional counseling on people's infection.

For rabies in the Surveillance Authority for Infection Control

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