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THE TRENDS IN DUBAI: – The Golden couple sold property for 12.5 million unhindered. Now the tax administration and the chemist are being criticized

On Friday, February 8, Dagbladet revealed that Goldman Sachsen and Akhmad Goldman, Oslo, are linked to a property worth 25 million NOK in Dubai in 2014 and 2015. authorities after several years of black turnover and incorrect customs clearance of gold, according to the tax administration and the customs service.

17.5 million

Very few duties were settled. The prison verdict, the investigation papers, the main books and the borehole report show that the pair sent 4.8 million Norwegian kroner to Dubai and transferred five properties to Greenland in Oslo for NOK 12.5 million in 2014 and 2015.

At the same time, the tax administration, customs and excise duties, the Oslo branch, and the homeowner were looking for money to cover claims. In addition, a Dubai real estate agent told Dagbladet how he contributed to the sale of a dwelling alleged to have no debt for the couple in 2014.

The pair of luxury apartments, according to data leaks, and a broker selling for $ 9.3 million in Dubai, was in Burj Khalifa's tallest building in the world. Photo: Øistein Norum Monsen / Dagbladet
SOLD: The pair of luxury apartments according to the data leakage and the broker he sells for $ 9.3 million in Dubai was in Burj Khalifa's tallest building in the world. Photo: Øistein Norum Monsen / Dagbladet
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At today's price, the sale price was NOK 9,3 million. Dagbladet has found no traces of this money in Norway.

Critical lecturer from college

College lecturer Ingger Cole of the Police College, who works in the tax administration, says the procedures for exchanging information and arrest with state debtors have been weak for many years.

– The tax administration at that time did not have a system to capture cases in which to hold values ​​before the decision. Whether these are companies or environments where there is a good reason to fear a concealment, says Coll of Dagbladet.

IN POLITICAL HEALTH SCHOOL: lecturer at Inger Coll College. Photograph: Beathe Schieldrop
IN THE POLITICAL SCHOOL: College, lecturer Inger Coll. Photograph: Beathe Schieldrop
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Coll heads the Norwegian eco-forum with more than 1,000 members in the customs, police, tax administration and chemists across the country.

"The local chemist who has to raise money does not usually know about the tax claim. One has acted in a sectoral way and has considered its own purpose: a certain number of audits and decisions, Coll's criticisms say. The Ahmad transferred five flats to Greenland in Oslo to others in the months around the tax administration's tax administration decision in the spring of 2015

– Ready what will happen

– Those who risk having recalculated claims for arrears are fully aware of what is happening. They get more letters in advance, says Cole. Those who owe money can get rid of the values ​​unless the agencies have secured themselves by arrest. Dagbladet asked questions about the Ahmad couple why they sold the apartments and what happened to the income without receiving any answers. Nor did they answer other questions from Dagbladet.

Coll now teaches future controllers.

– Methods of early preservation of values ​​and co-operation between agencies are important things that teach students both by the police and by a number of control agencies, she says.

Four days before the article on non-refunding tax debt was published on February 8, Dagbladet contacted the tax administration and Oslo Kemnerkontor to get their opinion.

Neither Skatteetaten nor Oslo Kemnerkontor will explain how the value of NOK 17.5 million may disappear from Sheikh Enterprises' bank accounts and through real estate transactions, while three agencies and a homeowner were in search of a treasure.

The Oslo office is responsible for collecting in Oslo. The Information Adviser of the agency and senior consultant Christian Melseter initially rejected the Dagbladet interview request. After a few questions, however, Jorunn Sunde, director of the inquiry division, chose to interview.

HEAD OF THE ENVIRONMENT: Director Jourunn Sunde at the Oslo office. Photo. Eiliv Frich Flydal
MANAGER COLLECTION: Director Jourunn Sunde at the Oslo office. Photo. Eiliv Frich Flydal
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credit ratings

Dagbladet showed that several attempts were made to recover the money from the pair, with no result.

– Have you given up this tax debt?

"Generally, I can say that we do not terminate the cases with pending claims and take a continuous position with regard to the information that appears," says Inquiry Director Joran Sunde for Dagbladet.

"Generally, I can say that we are doing a continuous assessment," says Sunde.

– Is the chemist better prepared for gathering against individuals today than in 2015?

– In recent years, we have gained ever more interdepartmental cooperation, both through participation in the A crime center in Oslo and elsewhere. In addition, we have increased awareness of complex cases both in the tax administration and in taxpayers. We are experiencing a positive trend and in terms of results we have received a growing share of residual tax for people in recent years, says Sunde.

– It will stop the criminals

The tax administration also believes that they are better equipped now than in 2014.

– We work to prevent criminals from evading community values ​​and getting them out of the game. We therefore work closely with the collection environment and tax collectors. There is a need for good co-operation and good dialogue, and development has been going on in recent years, "says Director of Division Eva Vangnes Berli in Dagbladet.

– Working procedures have changed and we find that they have improved. When we have a case with the possibility to recalculate a company or people where there is a reason to pay special attention, we are now starting a dialogue with the gathering environment at an early stage, "says Bersley.

LUXURY APARTMENTS: Dagbladet travels to Dubai to look for apartments owned by Norwegian owners by the Norwegian tax authorities. Reporter: Eiliv Frich Flydal. Video: Øistein Norum Monsen
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