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The weather – the summer pace is coming this weekend

Weather weather this weekend is summer temperatures and rain periods. And north is best.

According to the state meteorologist Magni Svaniewic of the Meteorological Institute, a high pressure builds up in the north, which gives quite a good time at the end of the week and the weekend.

"And after some time we get somewhat higher temperatures," she says to NTB.

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Warmest in the inner layers

Friday is expected between 15 and 18 degrees, so it will stay over the weekend. The hottest is in the inner regions and in Nordland south of Lofoten.

– There may be periods of rain south of Helgeland. The western parts of Finmark can get clouds but there are no rainfall except occasional showers, says the meteorologist.

Also in the central part of Norway, in the case of Trendelag and Mere, Romsdal, from Friday and after quite good weather and high temperatures, which will be 18 to 23 degrees.

"There will be lower pressure in the south, but it does not seem that the rain will come to Trendelag," says Magni Sledgewiker.

This is valid until Saturday. On Sunday, there may be a little more rain, mostly in the Mere Romsdal and less in Trendelag.

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Slightly cloudy to the south

Further south, the state meteorologist mentions the weather as "a bit muddy".

– In West Norway there will be periods of rain but high temperatures. They will be above normal for June, and a few days will be over 20 degrees. Saturday seems to be the hottest, he says

Especially on Friday there will be rain periods.

"It goes on in the evening, and then Saturday looks pretty good, at least first day. In the afternoon, there will be rain in Rogaland, and then he will head north.

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Over 20 degrees in Oslo

In the south of Norway and eastern Norway, ie. Østafjells, this weekend will be an urban storm. Temperatures will rise from Thursday to over 20 degrees. Among other things, Oslo, where the Picnick and Parken Festival takes place, gets over 20 degrees Saturday.

Friday's time is expected, mostly south of Mossa. The first part of Saturday looks good in Eastern and Southern Norway.

– But then there is low pressure, first in Southern Norway and then in parts of East Norway. The northern part of Hedmark and Oppland will probably have a good time all Saturday, says the state meteorologist.

Norwegian to the north will also fly east.

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