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They evacuate after the fire in Bømlo's cabin has spread

"We have no control," says Defender Cristier Gilberg. Police encourage cabin owners in the area to get in touch.

Around Kl. 17:30 On Sunday, the emergency services withdrew following a message that a Cabin in Agasursvegen on Rubbestaneteset was flashing.

At 6:13 pm, the police said the fire had spread and the cabins in the area were evacuated.

"The fire has spread to the outskirts. We have no control, Guard Guard Gilberg says in the fire.

The cabin fire is under control, but not the spread, Gilberg explains. There are two helicopters for forest fires, as well as civil protection reinforcements.

At 18:15, Finnås Kraftlag reported that several cabins and dwellings in the Brakadal – Agasøster area are without electricity due to fire.


Operations Manager Victoria Hilwig of the Southwest Police District says they have no overview of the number of people in the area but will evacuate all people on the eastern side of the island.

"We have spoken to a cabin owner who has been asked to go home," said Hilwig.

– Concerned about a butane container

In the cabin where the fire started, there were no people, the police said.

Shortly after the fire was reported, Gilberg said they were worried about a butane container in the cabin of the house.

"We were worried about a butane container in the cabin, but I do not know anything about it yet," Gilberg said.

According to Gilberg, the emergency services begin with external extinction. Emphasis was placed on limiting the damage around the cabin area and preventing the spread.

"Water supply is a big problem, so there's a tank truck on the way from Stord. In addition, we are working to get a pump to pump sea water, said Gilbert on the 17th time.

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