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Trident Juncture is not entertainment. This should not be cheated. | Tons of Nilsen

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In the post for Aftenposten Si; D Haarstad from Hedmark reviews Nature and Youth The Nato Trident Juncture Exercise as a disaster. I say, on the contrary, sport is actually the champion.

We must be ready

We are in a serious security policy situation. The tense relationship between the president of polarization in the west and a confrontational president in the east puts Norway in a difficult situation.

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Combined with populism and extremism, this caused Europe to be destroyed for fear of war and misery. If a war must happen one day, we must be prepared.

Trident Juncture is a golden opportunity for us in Norway. There hasn't been much practice since the Cold War on Norwegian soil. 50,000 soldiers from all 29 of our allied countries, as well as Sweden and Finland, have traveled to Norway to test defense readiness and capacity.

Norwegian Armed Forces

Norway must know that we have NATO behind if the worst that can be imagined will happen.

Article 5, the essence of the Atlantic Pact, states that Member States must help each other in an attack on a member country.

"One for all, and all for one" is called.

Therefore NATO must know how to react quickly if Norway is attacked, and Norway must know how to respond. The Trident Juncture allows our allies to come to us by sea, air, train and village roads to practice on Norwegian land.

They learn how to get to Norway as little as possible, how little they can maintain Norway and how to care for people in Norway only a little in situations where we need it the most.

Plastic bottles cannot be lost

Haarstad believes that environmental costs are high. This is not reality. All plastic bottles used during exercise must be breathless.

Road expenses are also low compared to daily activities on road routes because you are working with the Road Directorate.

We in small Norway have more to lose than win because they do not strengthen the Armed Forces and readiness for bottled water.

We need bonds and fellowship

For me who live in the north, and close to Russia, it is important to know that we are safe in Norway if war breaks out.

We need to know that there is someone who stands up and defends us and that this is done in the best way possible. Trident Juncture is this special test. NATO must be able to help us if Norway is to be attacked, and Norway needs to use its own operational capabilities to ensure that we have the most appropriate defense.

When asking for NATO cooperation, the European Union set full speed in the new defense plan

We cannot be skeptical about binding with member countries in the EU, as with the Central Party. And we cannot refuse to create a community with our friends in NATO, like Red's desire.

We also cannot resist practicing, practicing, and forming allies in the world, as Haarstad wanted. This is not entertainment. This is not to be cheated. Trident Juncture is to protect Norway.

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