Sunday , June 20 2021

TV 2: The 16-year-old admits having killed a girl (16) in Vintra

The 16-year-old boy who is accused of killing 16-year-old Laura Iris Haugen in Vintra on October 31 recognizes the punishment.

Nora Halen, the defender of the boy, confirms to TV 2 that he recognizes criminal liability but does not want to comment on the issue beyond.

Police attorney Stine Rigmor Grimstad in the area of ​​the internal police station tells TV 2 that the boy's explanation goes a long way through the events the police have been guessing.

They were in the same class at secondary school and recently started at the same high school when the murder took place in the Sorperoa residential area in Vinstra in the municipality of Nord-Fron. The boy was arrested only twelve minutes after the murder.

In addition to the murder, the boy was charged with violent violence after having slapped his husband's neighbor in the 1950s. The man had to be stabbed when he tried to intervene. The boy was detained in a child social institution after the murder.

He has gone through several organized interviews with children's experts. However, only Friday this week, nearly three months after the killing, he officially took a stand on the issue of criminal responsibility.

Prior to loading the kill, a series of violent videos targeting YouTube. The police did not comment on the videos. Nor did they say anything about other parts of the investigation.

The trial is scheduled for the Nord-Grubbrands County Court in Lillehammer on June 17th. It is expected to last for two weeks.

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