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We met at Storting to protest the abbreviations of Nav: "You do not understand how it is for us!

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On Tuesday, Thoresen first sat down at Storting's gallery, along with 16 others who took part in Action against AAP. Many have suffered a loss of TDI, both without notice and without a decision, since the extension requirement after four years has been sharpened.

"You're so affected because it hit so hard. Suddenly you are standing there without a performance, no needle in the wall, and you have no money for treatment, no investigation or nothing. One has to choose. Should I buy drugs or buy food for the table. People have stories that are so painful that there is nothing like it. Every second day new examples are presented, says Elizabeth Thorsen for the Freedom Movement.

He tightened

The government has tightened the AAP regulations, which has led to many of them having lost all their income before completing the clarification of work or disability benefits.

As a result, many have seen that they are forced to apply for financial assistance.

Lawyers and doctors are hardly opposed to changing rules, and Nob is also criticized for how the new legislation has been practiced.

The purpose of the tightening is to get people back to work faster. Changing the rules also led to fewer recipients of AAP than before the entry into force of the legislative amendment.

At the end of 2018, there were 16,700 fewer AAP recipients than in 2017.

Several recipients were advised of the suspension of PSD due to time-bound implementation and tightening, which means that not all receive PDPs in the time it takes to clarify their job opportunities.

– I receive daily messages that continue the same. "I" lost AAP, but I do not know what's going on, they say. Without a solution, they also lack legal certainty. They can not complain about a decision they have not received. They stand there, are lawless and have nothing, says Torsen.

– The complaint is for one year. This means that quarantine time for new AAP races comes faster than initial treatment, she adds.

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I took the case

The reason why Elizabeth traveled to Storting and Vandrehallen is a request from parliamentary representative Lisa Christophersen (Ap), to which Minister of Labor and Social Policy Anniken Hauglie (H) has to answer.

Christoffersen has shown that 20% less have received funds to clarify work in the first three quarters of 2018 than in the previous year.

This happened after the circuit was tightened.

– The paradox is that if this happened in Storting in the autumn of 2017, not in June, it would not have been accepted. Then the government had to have support from both the Liberal Party and the CFP. They have not received this, Christopheron points out.

Christoffersen argues that the surprisingly strong drop in the number of recipients of work-out means may partly be due to the domestic tightening of the release from the provisions for the duration of the year before Storting tightens the rules.

"But neither the law, nor the regulation, the circular, nor the practice were changed. The internal signals that Nav rejects knowledge, however, show that the internal tightening in practice by a circular saw, says Christoffersen.

"He's telling me they are not familiar with such a circular." The circle he is trying to do is clarify current legislation rather than tightening. At the same time, Nau went from case treatment to all treatment counties in six units. Some supervisors have previously had a lesser interpretation of the exemption rule than others, Hawley explained.

– If the number of so-called Deviations from the scheme in 2018 responded:

– The change over time. Once the change in regulations came into force in 2018, there was a reduction. We knew he could.

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Temporary implementation

– AAP must be temporary execution. The goal should be to put it in an early stage to ensure that more people can get back to work or education faster. It was never meant for anyone who has this as a lasting performance, "said Hauly.

– To achieve a greater transition to work, efforts must be made earlier. The longer you are away from working life, the harder it is to get in, she adds.

Elizabeth sneaks:

– My experience with this is that you do not realize how Nav works as a system, how it is to be an AAP receiver and how it loses productivity. When the health service does not deliver and the Nav fails to deliver, the recipient of AAP, the sick, must be penalized for failure of the other system. That's what's so wrong, says Elizabeth Torresen to the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs.

– You are absolutely right to have parts of the system that have not worked well enough. There are good estimates that show that for many people they went to either Nav without good tracking or in the health service without good follow-up. In many of those who received treatment, the health service is short. The purpose of the changes we have made is to ensure that our systems are able to get in earlier. Too many of them have long vanished, long, long without good enough follow-up action, "says Anniken Holly.

– It was a tough time for those who go to AAP because they have tightening. It is said that they work as quickly as possible to clarify the questions as quickly as possible, says Hali.

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– I'm not happy

Christoffersen is not satisfied with the answers.

"Those who sit in the gallery do not get any change, I'm registered," she said to the voice chair.

– I think it is good that many people are involved in the debate. But I am very disappointed with the result. There is no will to look at the consequences of the policy that applies when we see all the desperate people standing on the hill. I think this is discouraging, says Lisa Christophersen.

– I also call for KrF's voice in the debate. They voted against us against the tightening when it was accepted. Why not attend the hall. What they will do and can not use their position in the government to try to push, says Christophersen.

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