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Wedding Party for Olav Tone (95) – Cisele (78)

DANGER: Olabilløp-boys staged party deer. From Jan Jan Terje Skalmerud, Hans Jacob Mydske, Cessel Berdal Hague, Kjetil Ørbeck, Olav Thon, John Mosvold, Morten Bieng Nilsen, Hans Moe, Lasse Berg, Kåre Mortensen and Eric Bowman. Photo: private

The Nordberg Grand Prix guys named a bachelor party for Olav Ton (95) who married his Cessel Berdal The Hague (78) next week after being a girlfriend for 30 years.

North Acre Budestike was the first writer on the case.

On Tuesday there were deer parties.

There were many representatives of Tona-sponsored petroleum, collected around a long table. Boys with orange hats for the case, Olav with his "trademark" – the coral-colored hat that Sissel had picked up, and Sisel himself with a bright yellow hat and matching coats.

"Olav was really surprised that after nearly 69 years he would be the main hero in an Elena party," says Cisla Thega of VG.

Competition attire: Here Olav Ton is presented with a brand new dress dressing with King Olav sign for the oil race for next year. Left Cisel Berdal The Hague, right Thor Bendik Wader. Photo: PRIVAT

– A grocery truck

"It was great fun," said Thor Bendik Weider, chairman of Nordberg's Grand Prix, VG.

The bachelor party, which lasted about an hour, was only Grand Prix, Olav and Cessel Berdal The Hague boys.

"We said it was wrong with the ladies over 25, then there would be no bullshit for a bachelor party," said Wader.

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He says one of the boys has a food truck and serves sushi, snacks and beer tasting from Nordberg's cooperative brewery.

"And then we gave Olave a brand new racing suit," said Wader. It was also "King Olav".

He hopes that Thon will do this when the oil prize celebrates its 20th anniversary next year.

"This is the highlight of the wedding party. In the future, all boys must be attended by these guys. I'm looking forward to marrying marvelously, and Cessel is a phenomenally good girl, "says Olav Ton of Nordre Acker Buddhismke.

He went to stev

"We thought we had to put orange hats so one of the boys relaxed and started, and then we told Cisele that we wanted to have knitted hats, lobster Wader.

Olav Thon, who came from Ål in Hallingdal, even contributed entertainment.

"You know, he's having fun and going on with very good affection," says Wader, who can say the event has lasted an hour.

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COLLECTION: In front of the grocery truck on Tuesday. Photo: PRIVAT

"He's an old man, so he has to bring the day. It was very nice that they are super cute people and I think they appreciate it, "says Wader.

The couple marries at Bristol Hotel, Olav Tonn's first hotel, Friday, June 21st.

– It will be a lot of fun. I think it's unreal, says the Hague for the wedding next week.

Oslo Mayor Marian Borgen (SV) will dedicate them.

– We've been together for so many years. Suddenly we realized that it was time to formalize this. We invited 200 people, so it will be fun, "says The Hague.

Father Theme

The Nordberg Grand Prix is ​​run by a local boy who has set up weapons for 19 years. The team includes Olav Ton and Cessel Bergal The Hague.

Olav Thon personally, and Storo's main center, have contributed financially, making it possible by broadcasting live on the big screen in the whole race, the sound system, and a wonderfully good speaker who commented on what's happening along the way, says Weider.

GOOD MAN: During the bachelor party there was a smile and a laugh when the "olabilguta" stacked. Photo: PRIVAT

Each year, about 250 and 100 owls participate in the three-step free event, one for the youngest children, one for the larger ones to move as quickly as possible through the path and the so- cars with one goal in mind – to be the fastest.

"We started with this when we had little kids and we thought it was fun with analog toys and not just digital ones. Moreover, this is a cross-border generation, Weider adds.

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