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WWF Leader: Chief Dealer for Sp in Predatory Policy

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Bård Vegar Solhjell, who is now head of the Norwegian department of the global environmental organization World Natural Fund (WWF), believes that Ap now, led by Jonas Gahr Støre, is moving closer to Sp in predatory politics.

– My message to Jonas Gahr Støre is: Trust in my own policy. Stay away from the Center Party, says Solhell, who withdrew from national politics in 2017 and became head of the WWF in March 2018.

He says that before becoming a WWF leader, the Labor Party tends to move closer to the Center Party on predatory issues, especially wolves.

– This is a bad environmental policy. And surprisingly, because of the measurements, we know that a clear majority in the population wants vital populations of wolves in Norway, says Solhell.

Solhjell: – You do not have to rule Norway

Solhjell says he reached his peak before Christmas when Støre agreed to send a letter to the Storting Party's Central Government Party.

"Last week, the Labor Party voted for a free proposal from Marit Arnstad (Sp) to shoot the two names of shepherds in Hobøl and Mangen, respectively. This despite the fact that the Department of Climate and Environment on 16 December 2018 stated that there is no legal basis for legislation to shoot on these herds. Only the Party of the Center and the Labor Party voted in favor.

– I think it is particularly special that parliamentary politicians decide on the legal interpretation of ministries and how ministries carry out their administrative tasks within the framework of current legislation. It is not so that Norway has to be controlled. He knows Stratre and the Labor Party.

There was no broad consensus about the wolf

He says that Norway has for many years had a predator policy, which had a large majority behind it in Storting. This is no longer the case.

Decisions on the murder of several wolves create a conflict

"The Labor Party and the Conservative Party have long pursued a policy that balances two goals. That is, we must have viable populations of predators, but it must also be possible to carry out grazing. And politics works. There is a sharp decline in sheep grazing, while the wolves are a little more than before.

He says both conservatives and conservatives, as responsible governing parties, have long been able to take holistic considerations and prevent the polarization that is always present in the predatory debate that has to influence politics.

"Polarization, however, has led to pressure in both the Conservative Party and the Labor Party to change the predatory policy," says Solhell.

He says he first noticed it in connection with the change of the Nature of Diversity Act in 2016.

– In the parliamentary debate on the wolves that followed, there were very strong statements by AP politicians and right-wing politicians.

The change in the Natural Diversity Act provided extended access to the extraction, among other things, of wolves in a limited number by licensing.

New wolves found in eastern Norway

He says local county politicians in the pastoral committees have been the driving force behind allowing the predation of several predators, especially wolves, and thus the ministry and the warnings from its own secretariat question that.

"Ap has always had sports on these issues, as the party has in many cases. The new thing is that they now have a break in central Ap.

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