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You need quick drops of Loot Boxes heat

Ghost Games and EA have recently revealed Need for Speed ​​Heat, but unfortunately the reactions seem to be a little mixed. If nothing else, we will soon be allowed to watch the gameplay during Gamescom to be precise, and this is not the only good news.

After the revelation, EA held questions and questions about Reddit, and here EA's community manager, Ben Walk, confirmed that Ghost Games had released Loot Boxes in the heat.

"We plan to launch DLC after payment in the form of car packages. Later this year, we will introduce a time-saving package that will show all the collectibles on the map. Honestly, that's all. […] There are no NFS Heat loot boxes and there will be none. "

Here he also states that they will not come, after all. Finally, he confirms that there is no Payback card system.

"Customization options are earned by completing in-game events. For example, you notice a street race on your card and you notice that it has a new part to it for grabbing performance. Win the race, win the part. There are no NFS Payback speed cards. "

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