Monday , October 18 2021

You no longer need friends


Finally, Apex Legends launches in solo mode – this is the date.

Players at Apex Legends have been extremely eager to launch the popular Battle Royale game without teammates since launch. This is the full understanding of this – sometimes you may have to deal with more people, especially in situations where you are almost forced to play with two strangers.

It does not reveal details

Respawn Entertainment is finally fulfilling this desire, announced on Twitter today:

It marks the first time that game developers behind a very fast-paced game have introduced a different type of mode in terms of the number of players that can be on the team. To date, only teams with three players are allowed to compete together, with a total of 20 teams competing in the same match.

Respawn they are not particularly open to the details of the new game mode – they refer to the new model as a fixed term, which runs on August 13 and lasts for two weeks until August 27. Whether the developers make changes to the total number of players in the same game or changes to the card itself to accommodate a faster game experience is unknown, but we'll see that next week, if not earlier.


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