Thursday , October 21 2021

YouTube is testing free movies –


This weekend it was discovered that YouTube had begun offering more feature films on its services, absolutely free. Among them are old bat like Legally Blonde and The Terminator.

Films have been available on YouTube for a long time, but at a fixed price. Now, however, they are funded by advertisements that pause movies at certain times.

At present, only US users register. Here in Norway, the films mentioned still cost 29 kroner each.

Response to subscription services

There are many video streaming services on the market now, and everyone wants a lot of money from users every month. Appointments are that you have no ads, but at the same time are limited to how many services you can subscribe to at the same time. This is a background for YouTube to try out several ad-funded films:

"We see opportunities outside of only offering films for payments based on user desires. So we ask the question: Can we get advertising financed films? Completely free for users?" Rohit Dhawan, Product Manager on YouTube, told the AdAge website. He pointed out that this is also a great opportunity for advertisers, who get a new platform to spread their message.

Get a movie and get details

At present, only about 100 films can be watched for free. Also no new films are highly recognized in the selection. However, Americans can enjoy films such as Zookeeper or Agent Cody Banks, or some older hit films such as The Terminator or Rocky.

Film committees are expected to grow, but that depends on advertisers and film companies, both of which must decide what they want. According to AdAge, the digital platform as a channel is still a foreign territory for filmmakers. Previously there was a regular schedule: Film first came to the cinema, then DVD and finally TV. Precisely where the film that will be distributed free through the YouTube port on this line is uncertain.

We have sent a request to Google Norway to hear if something similar might come to Norway.

Soon there will be other stream services:
Rivals Disneys Netflix has got the name

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