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Alan García told the Uruguayan president: "A battle to capture Chávarry and fire him began" | Photo 1 of 6 | Political


In an extensive letter sent to the president of Uruguay, Tabaré Vásquez , Peru's former head of state, Alan García, requesting political asylum from the country's embassy based in our country.

"A battle to arrest the prosecution of the Nation, where Prosecutor Pedro Chavarry has been elected, with the aim of dismissing him and surrendering the institution to ensnare prosecutors to the government, starting", said former President García.

He also considered that "Justice in Peru lives in an anomalous situation, and the legal situation of an opposition political leader is seriously threatened."

Read the full ALAN letter to PRESIDENT URUGUAY requesting political asylum.

Your Majesty, President of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay
Don Tabaré Ramón Vásquez Rosas
Sir, Mr. President:

As a former Constitutional President of the Republic of Peru, where I hold an honorable position of Head of State chosen by people on two occasions, I beg you to ask for political asylum in Uruguay.

Today, once again, in my country, laws and procedures are distorted and manipulated by political interests as a means of persecution. Odebrecht's scandal occurred, as in other countries, investigations began, and with them large bribes were discovered and proven. Thus, former President Alejandro Toledo was investigated and prosecuted for suing and receiving Twenty million dollars in Interoceanic Highway work; Former President Ollanta Humala was investigated and arrested for the discovery of three million dollars contributed to his campaign and confirmed on his personal agenda. But in addition, the discovery of financial services should be provided by Pedro Pablo Kuczynski to the Odebrecht company for his business in Peru, at the same time that he is the Economy Minister of the Toledo government, and their collection of four million dollars, originating from his February presidency this is 2018.

All attention was given to me, while waiting for it, the accusations agreed between the company and the Peruvian State Prosecutor's Office, provided proof of payment or bribery. But on the contrary, in all his statements for two years and under oath, both Marcelo Odebrecht and the highest official, stressed: "Alan García never spoke of anything illegal" and was never mentioned, as in all other cases, numbers, account numbers, place or conversation. All this apart from speculation or haphazard rumors that enemies and government agents spread. There is therefore no prohibited statement, complaint or evidence, mentioned by the Peruvian or Brazilian declarers. In addition, Congress was approved by the majority from 65 to 18, on November 9 this year, a comprehensive report by the Lava Jato Multiparty Commission, prepared in two years, stating that "There is no element, rejection or trying to link Alan Garcia to the subject under investigation. "

However, even though the background and conclusions are clear; In my country, the war against institutions and the Public Prosecutor's Office has created a climate of legal powerlessness, where both the truth and the absence of evidence are worth the effort to use investigative procedures that violate extreme illegal attribution. Today, and with political aims and persecution, criminal types are mixed and confused to extend the deadline. Suspicions that were not proven to function to initiate the illegal enrichment process, the Money Laundering figure was added to increase the investigation period from eight to twelve months, and finally the Criminal Organization figure was added, so that the term "Investigation" to thirty-six months could be expanded to thirty the other six.

And so far, abusive preventive detention was applied, with freedom as a fundamental value lost before the arbitrariness of prosecutors assigned by the regime, with the aim of violating and destroying political opponents of the government.

Since I finished the second presidency, I have faced many accusations and I have all responded, helping forty-eight (48) prosecutors, courts and Congress of the Republic. Does not lead to the court, because there is no evidence or evidence found. But they served the destruction of my political image systematically and journalistically.

However, after the vacuum of President Pedro Pablo Kuzcinsky, for reasons mentioned above, a new type of policy has been established. This is confrontation and cornering other forces. By utilizing the traditional and historical anti-parlemenism of the Peruvian people, the referendum has been called to establish Non-Reelection from congressmen, as a resource to strengthen the temporary popularity of the president who accesses after the vacancy. In addition, taking advantage of the wiretapping carried out on several judges (only 0.1% of the number of judges and prosecutors in Peru), the battle to capture the Prosecutor's Office, where Prosecutor Pedro Chavarry was elected, began. the purpose of dismissing him and surrendering institutions to ensnare prosecutors to the government.

For the first time in a regime, which appeared to be democratic, the Accessory President and his Prime Minister had publicly demanded dismissal by Congressman Chavarry Prosecutor. And because the congress, with the majority of the opposition, did not approve such a request, it was decided to use criminal procedures that accused the Fujimorist party of receiving a million dollars as a contribution to his election campaign. For this purpose, a Money Laundering figure was applied, assuming that this supposed assistance came from Odebrecht's illegal activities and that the beneficiaries knew that. Soon the entire party organization was denounced as a Criminal Band and its leaders were too applied for "thirty-six months" temporary detention, against the opinions and resolutions of the Inter-American Human Rights Court and Peru's Constitutional Court itself. .

More seriously, when the party asked Prime Minister Cesar Villanueva to meet with the Head of State, he replied that, to speak, they must first "dismiss Prosecutor Chavarry," in public requests and scandals that prove the regime's political interests to change prosecutors, to avoid, as expected, its own investigations and prosecutions for cases where former Kuczynski regime ministers, such as the current President and Prime Minister, will be compromised.

In this situation, with a legally enforced parliament, the Supreme Court where the President resigns and five members are investigated; with the National Judicial Council that does not exist, the National Prosecutor's Office is harassed and struggles with lower prosecutors "with political interests coordinated with the government" according to the National Prosecutor's declaration; Justice in Peru lives in an anomalous situation, and the legal situation of an opposition political leader is seriously threatened. There are no natural or impartial prosecutors or judges.

For example, one of the cases that I "investigated" even though it was proven by his own statement, that Odebrecht's company had never paid a dime, was outrageous. Someone, whom I have never met, sold a house in a popular neighborhood, received a payment, but later, refused to give up property, and also denounced the buyer for illegal seizure. The first five tax breaks were rejected because they were irrational, the same person was found as a way out of the sixth complaint stating that the buyer was "Alan Garcia's puppet head". For this argument, this sixth complaint if it has been processed, begins my investigation of "illegal enrichment and money laundering". That, Mr. President, is the situation that I live in, in the context of political persecution.

And a few days ago, the ugliness of the international conference I offered to the Sao Paulo Industrial Federation, as a former President in 2012, hired by an agent whose fees were stored in my personal account in Lima, was spread. paying immediately 30% tax for that, it will come from Odebrecht funds, which is one of the thousands of associations of the industrial Federation. However, with that single statement, on the same day, a measure of the barriers to leaving the country had been issued to me, which proved the use of excessive and political procedures.

Mr. President, I know how to handle all charges or speculations in law, and on one occasion, the Peruvian Supreme Court, in the last example, released me from all in January 1992, but the Court was dismissed for a coup d'état. that year, and was harassed by a coup plot I was protected by Colombia, Patria de las Leyes. But today, the situation is similar, because it will be known gradually.
For this reason, as elected President on two occasions and defenders of democratic freedom, I wrote to you to ask for protection of the Uruguay Oriental Republic, until the climate of political persecution in my country stopped.

This is the gift I want to achieve.

Very respectful.

Alan Garcia

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