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"Avengers: Endgame": the numbers the movie moves in its first days in Peru Economics | business

The long-awaited film "Avengers: End of the game", of. t Marvel Studios (Disney), this has come Thursday, March 25th in the premises of the Peruvian cinemas and in a certain way: beat all recordings at the pre-sales stage at national and international level.

In Latin America, for the first seven days, the tickets were sold to see the latest Phase 3 episode of Marvel's cinematic physics universe (MCU for acronym in English) More than 5 million tickets were soldI got there a turnover of over $ 23 million in the cash register,

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Due to the high demand that led to the dropping of a few pages at the ticket sale stage – among which Cineplanet, the film chains decided to schedule features during the 24 hours this Thursday, April 25th.

Gary Urteagga, Vice President of Business Development at Fandango Latam, which unites ticket sales in the country Cinemark and Cinépolissaid April is the month in which it broke all the monthly historical documents registered in the Latin America region, largely from "Avengers: End of the game".

"Pre – sale of. T avengers He also broke all of our records in the category and we plan that the movie will break all records in several Latin American countries, "Urteaga said.

In this sense, the chain of cinemas The programmed Cinemark 448 features from 00:00 to 23:59 this Thursday 25 across the country; 270 of them in Lima.

On the other hand, Carlos Diaz, Director of Corporate Relations at Cinépolis Perú, He told El Comercio that at the national level and including various film companies, the film will exceed 3 million participants, which can thus reach "the highest number of assistants in Peru throughout history".

"Pre-sale has violated all records, which means it was up to three times more than we had in any movie at any time," he said.

While not giving details, Diaz said they were recording "high figures" on the day of their release, the same ones that were repeated for the weekend. But the official numbers on the first day of the premiere in the various film channels can only be known on Friday, April 27th.

To respond to the great demand, Cinépolis Perú's Corporate Relations Director also mentioned that they are working to enable early morning sessions and to increase their product offerings. candy shop,

Even the impact of Avengers would balance the February and March results of cinema, giving them better results for a positive second quarter after the weak first quarter.

– We hope it will continue [en cartelera] enough weeks. [Estará] in May for sure and we hope it will last until the end of June, "he explained in this newspaper.

On the other hand, Cineplanetthe chain that has the largest participation in the national market, with 36 stores programmed 938 features (604 only in Lima) from 00:00 to 23:59 this Thursday 25.

In connection with the candy shop with the Marvel concept, the combinations of canchita and gasosa, for example in Cineplanet Alcázar cinema, range from S / 41 to S / 44.

On the other side of the planet in China, "Avengers: Endgame" has already set a new record in the non-local film category: on its first day of release, it has raised $ 79.6 million, according to the China Box Office. And if you turn on midnight functions, the figure amounted to 107.7 million US dollars.

It should be remembered that the "Avenger War: Infinity" (2018), the predecessor of this part, set a record for the collection on its first weekend: $ 2,000 million worldwide.

Nevertheless, this brand will be surpassed without a bigger problem than "Avengers: Endgame". Even, according to CNN, some cinemas will think of opening 72 hours in a row and there are signs already in Peru.

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