Sunday , June 13 2021

Catherine Siachoque is recorded in a small bikini and her followers are laughing about this detail

The magnificent Colombian could not hide the awkward situation and decided to continue with the video

What seemed to be a sexy video became a real "trickster." Actress Catherine Siachoque decides to record with a "selfie stick," but I never imagined how complicated it would be.

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Despite the beautiful Colombian dressed in a small pink bikini, he was in the background. The followers could not stop commenting on the comic moment they spent watching the video.

– This is not mine. Today in the record I hope someone will teach me. I told them #soyunfiasco, "said Catherine. Immediately his followers praised his naturalness and sense of humor.

Photo: Instagram

"You make me laugh, how nice it is. You're so natural, "" I love people like you. You're funny, "" What a fiasco, or something else! Beautiful always, blessings, "" I see it a thousand times and laugh. I'm just so! "," You look so funny, I love it, "and" You always look beautiful without using the stick, better to forget about the blessed stick, ha ha, "their fans enthusiastically said.

On the other hand, there were those who dared to give some advice. "Do not stretch everything, use shorter lengths to make it more comfortable At least until you learn," "What does not work is the stick There must be something to fit and not turn that way , "and" You have left the stick, beautiful, it should be closer and your cage is dense so it does not move. You look very beautiful, what a great body, "were some of the suggestions that Siachoque received.

Photo: Instagram

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