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China's Chang-e-4 probe returns to rest mode

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Updated on 13.02.2012 – 16:50


BEIJING, Feb. 13 (Xinhua) – The Chang-e-4 probe and landing modules have gone into sleep mode for the lunar night after they were constantly operating during the Spring Festival, the New Moon Festival, the Research Center on the moon and deep space of China announced on Wednesday.

The moon landing module was going to "sleep" at 19:00 (local time) on Monday as planned, and the reconnaissance vehicle, Yutu-2 (rabbit from Jade-2), at 19:30. through their official accounts on social networks. The researcher will "wake up" on February 28, and the disembarkation module on March 1.

The message says Chan-e-4 is working hard during the Spring Festival. On-board equipment, including the infrared spectrometer and the neural atomic detector, operates normally and in accordance with the established program.

Also, the Yutu-2 study unit advanced 120 meters to the hidden side of the Moon by breaking the 114.8-meter record set by its predecessor, Yutu, China's first survey module to leave traces of the lunar surface at the end of 2013 year

Chang-e-4, released on December 8, landed on the crater Von Karman, in Aitken's lunar southern basin on January 3.

The moon's day is equal to 14 on Earth, and the night has the same duration. The source of radioisotope heat, a collaboration between Chinese and Russian scientists, will keep the probe running through the moonlight when the temperature drops to 190 degrees Celsius below zero.

For the first time Chinese scientists get first-hand data on the temperature of the moon's surface at night.

The US Space Agency (NASA) announced last Friday that his Lunar Intelligence Orb was able to see the place where Chang-e-4 landed the previous day on January 31st.

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