Tuesday , November 24 2020

Chinese giant arrives in Colombia to fight with you "with you" with Uber, Beat and Cabify

China's mobility giant DIDi announced on Monday that the registration of leading partners began a step ahead of its operations in the months ahead in the capital of Colombia as part of its expansion into Latin America.

DiDi, who bought the UBER operation in China and currently has 15 products in its portfolio, including Taxi and DiDi Express, said Colombia is an important player not only because of the size of the market but also because of the challenges facing the company. on mobility issues.

"We have arrived in Colombia with an attractive offer for those who want to register as leading partners and we hope we can meet market expectations," said Juliana Paulesio, DiDi's public relations manager for Colombia.

"We have a great interest in proposing a balance where technologies can be inclusive, constructive and we can contribute to mobility," he added.

DiDi, which has already begun its service in Mexico and Brazil, has not specified what specific products it will offer in Colombia, where the technology platforms through which transport services are offered are not legalized.

China's multinational technology, which connects users with driving partners in different ways, has more than 31 million registered partners in more than 15 different products (taxis, private cars, buses, bikes, homes, selected drivers) they end more than 10,000 million trips.

DiDi has international investors such as Alibaba, Apple, Softbank and Tencent, as well as investments in companies such as Grab in Southeast Asia, Careem in the Middle East and Lyft in the United States.

The platform will initially work in the Colombian capital of about 8 million inhabitants. Other platforms like Uber and Cabify are already operating in the country.

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