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Claudio Pizarro: The Five Waiting Tasks Before Saying Goodbye to the Bundesliga | Common sport Peruvians around the world

Sometimes even the most enduring relationships that seem endless end. Because it looks like it was yesterday when Claudio Pizarro, only 20 years old, was welcomed by the Bundesliga. The Peruvian, whether dressed in red or green, always maintained the elegance of note and responded to affect with a bunch of goals each week, with unforgettable moments, and was the protagonist of festivities where he ended up having a beer at the end of each season, And although over time these emotions were less frequent, the connection between our compatriot and German football remained intact and became stronger. Almost eternal.

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When we were all saying goodbye, in the middle of this year, they both decided to remarry for another twelve months. Although the last stretch to be shared together, the motivation for the Andean Bombers still remains. Therefore, we review the five waiting tasks that the goalkeeper will complete before saying goodbye to the Teutonic side to make his legend bigger.

1) Top 5 goal scorers.
Currently, with 197 goals in the three teams played in Germany (Werder Bremen, Bayern Munich and Cologne), our compatriot is in the seventh position of the historical goalscorers of the Bundesliga. He is ahead of the still-valid Robert Lewandowski, 202, who is sixth, and German and already retired Manfred Burgsmüler, 213, who is fifth. There are 16 goals that set it apart from the goal. The last time he managed to achieve that amount of wins in the German league season was in 2011-12: he scored 18 goals with Bremen in this campaign.

2) To restore the throne.
Nothing should disturb Pizarro more than restoring the throne that he is the best foreign artilleryman in the Bundesliga. Due to the small continuity it has had in recent years, the Polish Lewandowski was the one who took advantage of this context to spend it in this area. The former Alliance has five goals for Bayern striker. Whether this match is a couple will depend on the minutes the Peruvian can have on the court. So far, he started well after scoring two goals last week at the Atlas Delmenhorst for the German Cup.

3) The best goal scorer.
The former captain of the Peru national team has a record that will surely take a long time to be matched: he is the longest-serving player to score in the Bundesliga. In May this year, Claudio turned him into Leipzig with 40 years and 227 days. You can still place the highest fence on veteran attackers trying to reach it in the future.

4) A unique idol.
Although both Bayern Munich and Werder Bremen are idols, the latter can be immortalized. Pizarro is the goal scorer in the Lizards' history with 109 goals. As in the previous paragraph, the task of grabbing this position of luxury is very difficult, as the most persecuting Peruvians are former players: Marco Bode (101) and Frank Nobart (97). However, if you want to secure more of that first place in the years to come, then making it a priority is what remains as a footballer in German soil.

5) The historical streak.
Given that Claudio went to Chelsea in mid-2007, the year in which he had already become a Bundesliga, and returned to it in mid-2008, the Bomber could say with all his rights has scored in 21 consecutive years in this league. So if he scores again, he will set a historical precedent for having celebrated so much in the 22 consecutive years that he has played in this top league. In addition, the Peruvians have played more seasons in the same foreign league.

Although his ownership has not yet been confirmed, Pizarro has a good chance of having minutes this Saturday (8:30 p.m.) in Bremen's debut in the Bundesliga against Fortuna Dusseldorf. Peru's last adventure in Germany is about to begin. The Conqueror legend will have its last chapter.

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