Tuesday , June 15 2021

Congress: New Peru presents a draft for lifting the decisions of Luz Salgado and Louis Gallaret politics

New Peru's bench has tabled a bill that proposes to repeal the legislative resolutions issued during the efforts of Luz Salgado and Luis Gallareta, both of Fuerza, to appoint staff for Congress.

A spokesman for the political group, Alberto Quintanillaasked for an examination of the proposal for the annulment of the decisions suspending the statute of the parliamentary office.

Exactly required to cancel Legislative Resolution No 01-2016-2017-CR and Legislative Resolution No. 006-2017-2018-CR, which were published during the presidency of Salgado and Galarreta.

Seun has said that within a few days of initiation, the leadership of the People's Force's parliamentarian violated the principle of meritocracy, modifying a member of the statute to implement the fingerprints.

"With this decision, it is possible to ignore the whole procedure and rules for access to a parliamentary service by choosing a finger before the Director-General of the Parliament's administration as a person who is not within the professionals of this administrative career. , "Quintanilla said.

The second resolution issued by Galarreta states that the suspension of the status allowed the Board of Directors to appoint irregular and indefinite terms.

We now know that members of the National Executive Committee of Fuerza Popular and participants in the Fujimorist election campaign as career executives without having completed the five (05) years established in the norm that regulates the parliamentary service and salaries bordering S / 15,000.00 soles, "he said. congressman from New Peru.

"In June last year, New Peru introduced the aforementioned bill to counteract what happened during the two legislative periods headed by Fujimorism, where the rules for entry into the parliamentary office were reduced and put aside meritocracy, that should govern all state structures , "Said Quintanilla.

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