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Only 18 months operations, Lima has become the city of the world, this more orders registered by Glovo, surpassing even Madrid and Barcelona, ​​where the company is headquartered, as reported by its CEO and founder, Oscar Pierre,

In a dialogue with trade, the executive explained that one of the factors behind this rapid growth is due to quick adoption that Latin America as a whole had in front of this business and openness to use more categoriesIn addition to food.

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"[A diferencia de Europa], here they are more open to trying other categories like flowers, supermarkets and more, "he explained.

According to Oscar Pierre, transaction frequency in Lima exceeds those registered by 30% in the major Spanish cities mentioned above.

The executive also predicts this one million monthly orders are achieved in SeptemberHe explained that the performance of gloves (motorized) is improving so that they can carry out more transactions.

"The growth of Glovo should not be as proportional to the number of vehicles as we seek to improve their performance. [al tener más pedidos]"commented on this daily,


Pierre said they would start working that way "More proactive" with the government to develop a new regulatory framework. This is to improve the guarantees and benefits of its employees.

In this sense, Glovo will seek to establish a dialogue with local labor authorities in order to explain the development and development of digital work platforms that attract people in search of flexible schedules. This task has already been done in markets such as Spain and Italy, according to the executive.

To date, around 6,000 people work for the Spanish delivery brand in Lima, Of these, between 25% and 30% are foreigners. According to the latest research from Kantar World Panel and Arellano Marketing, Glovo is leading this delivery item.


To continue innovations in the country to give a better user experience, Glovo has announced the launch of new concepts.

The first is Cooking room, which is to provide partners (associate brands) exclusively with a common kitchen space so that they can only produce their products for delivery.

"This is because businesses have their own kitchens saturated with the large number of orders. So instead of opening a new restaurant, they only add to the Cooking Room. This is an alternative to expanding the delivery area," Pierre said.

Currently, Glovo has already opened one of these locations. The brands that have joined this concept are: Wing Factory, Oceania, Hikari, Casimir and Piccolo, They are considering launching second store operations in the coming weeks.

It should be noted that Lima is the first city to which this proposal has been extended internationally.

The shipping company also announced the launch of Business globe, a daily online messaging service for the business sector.

With this, companies can plan the delivery of their products, documents or materials in a simple and flexible way, with online tracking, motorcycle service and 24-hour support, among other benefits.

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