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Differences in Fuerza Popular: Aramayo, Letona and Torres removed by the Standing Committee

Discrepancies in Popular force? The Orange Party has decided not to rely on the presence of lawmakers Alejandro Aramayo, Miguel Torres and Úrsula Letona at the Standing Committee of Congress. Former Speaker of the Parliament Light out– he said RPP that "no problem" in the game.

"In all the committees – after the multiplication of the benches due to the Constitutional Court (…) – we reduced (the number of members) – those of Popular force"our staff," he explained Salgado in Who is right?

"We are left with a much smaller number than we had"We went to make changes," he said. "This was done in democratic elections. In others it cannot be fulfilled because the quotas are not fulfilled. "

However, Popular force decided that the congressman Hector Besseril to be the new member of the Standing Committee, although he has several investigations pending, including "The Courage of Crime"A"Wachiturros on Fog".

Different oranges

Congresswoman of Fujimorist Alejandro Aramayo He voted in favor of parity during the plenary debate because he believes that a measure is needed to "ensure the participation of women in our country's political life on equal terms and opportunities".

On the other hand, his bench partner Miguel Torres He followed in the footsteps and voted in favor of parity and seized the opportunity to question his colleagues. Luz Salgado said that wasn't a problem. "I voted in favor of parity so there is no problem with that," he explained RPP,

The case of Úrsula Letona It's different. She resigned in November 2018 from Fuerza Popular after Congresswoman Jeni Vilkatom asked for her expulsion for allegedly blocking Promperú's investigation into the Congressional Control Commission. However, the Orange Party did not acknowledge his request.

Orsula Letona maintains a different stance on the party's decisions, even she demanded Rose Bartra and Tamar Arimborg take a step back following the questions being asked to chair the Constitution and Committees of Education respectively.

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