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Dragon Ball Super: First look at the new arc of the sleeve PICTURES

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While waiting for the premiere of the movie "Dragon Ball Super: Broly," the mantra has a new official bow after the expected end of the Torneo de Fuerza, which ended with the publication of Chapter 42 this last November 21.

In the last 12 pages of this chapter of the Dragon Ball Super Manga you can see the new arch, which is after the tournament of the forces and events of the movie "Dragon Ball Super: Broly",

What is the argument of the Arc of the Galactic Patrol Prison? We tell you

Shortly after the tournament of forces and events Dragon Ball Super: Broley, Goku and vegetables they train together when Bulma gives them a message from Mr. Satan: A mysterious group appears in their house and tries to kidnap Milen Bo.


Goku and vegetables they go to investigate, and in fact, they find this group bearing Buu – still asleep – on a space ship known to them. The head of the group recognizes them – obviously – and quickly hit them with an "anesthetic pistol". When they wake up, they are at the headquarters of the Galactic Patrol. His kidnapper turns out to be Merus, the elite soldier does not. 1 from the organization responsible for 104 districts (Jacko has only 3 managers).


Merus explains that an evil criminal has escaped the Galactic Prison and, in order to recover it, they need the help of a particular person: the Great Kayo-Shin, who is inside Boe.


Thus it is clear how important Dai Kayo Shin (the Sacred Cayo-Sama) is in this new arc. It is worth noting that this character was engulfed by Bau 5 million years ago in the history of Dragon Ball,

This new arch of Dragon ball super that the mantra is far from over and may be an indicator that the anime will soon return. How much can you know? Like Jump Festa 2019 (22nd and 23rd December) there will be a panel devoted to Dragon ball super and if Toei Animation wants to give an important announcement, this event is the same.


"Dragon Ball Super: Broly" will be released next December 14 in Japan, while Latin America will arrive on January 24, 2019.

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