Sunday , August 1 2021

Fortnite has more players than all Steam games together

Fortnite has more players than all Steam games together

This is impressive, but Fortnite has 8.3 million players together. That means that, every day, 8.3 million people have the possibility to be in the online game Epic Games, because they are all "stuck" which is more popular now. The highlight of this Fortnite player, in one word, is confusing.

We were in a time when that might not be enough because of other impressive figures, such as the sale of GTA V or Red Dead Redemption 2, the game which was the real titans in sales, but never dreamed of having a number of simultaneous players that had Fortnite.

And that is, Epic Games is an impressive achievement. 8.3 million players together are more than the sales of Unreal Tournament, another great Epic franchise, but also more than all Steam games are combined. And on Steam there are titans like PUBG, DOTA 2 or Counter Strike, among all the thousands of other games.

If we look at SteamCharts numbers, which can be more or less reliable, until now we will have around 4 million users playing Steam games. Another reference is PUBG, which at its peak managed to unite 3.2 million players, and that feels a lot. Now, the title does not exceed one million simultaneous players, because Epic has done its job and it is Fortnite that has public attention.

Yes, Fortnite's thing is impressive, and it's not surprising that other large companies, like Activision, want to join the battle royale with titles like Black Ops IIII.

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