Tuesday , June 15 2021

GameStop canceled some pre-orders of Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pro

Launching Kingdom Hearts III In a successful era for video games where Disney's IP addresses are on top of their popularity, this is a winning combination. That's why Sony Interactive Entertainment and Square planned to release a special PS4 Pro release to mark the title, but someone seems to have underestimated demand and at least GameStop stores had to cancel some pre-orders. ,

According to a report by PlayStation Lifestyle, the GameStop video game store chain had to cancel some pre-orders on PS4 Pro's special edition Kingdom Hearts III because demand exceeded the offer. In this regard, the chain recognizes that it has resold the console units due to an error, and that is why some customers will not get the expected hardware. In this sense, customers who received the bad news indicated that the company had informed them of what had happened by e-mail, claiming unexpected circumstances so that the console's pre-sales concept fee would not be paid and a $ $ coupon 25 USD, which will be spent in each of the branches.

So far, GameStop has not revealed the reason why this happened, nor the criterion considered to be a pre-sale revocation because some customers who bought PS4 Pro from Kingdom Hearts III As soon as the pre-orders were open, they were notified of the cancellation.

Kingdom Hearts III will debut on January 29 on PS4 and Xbox One and if you want to know how the new part of the series is, we invite you to check our written review. Here we leave you our video preview:

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