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Guillain-Barré: the origin of the syndrome can be known after two or three days Peru freedom

The Regional Government of. T freedom reports that in two or three days the origin of the syndrome Guillen-Barre, a strange disease that has been on June 1 for 42 cases in the region freedom and 213 across the country.

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On Tuesday, Health Minister Zulema Tomás traveled to several healthcare facilities in Trujillo to check the conditions for treating patients with this disease and said that during this period they should know the results of the blood tests and the stools affected.

These exams, according to the region, are conducted at the National Institutes of Health and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of Atlanta (USA). "In Lima, in addition, epidemiologists, infectious disease specialists and the entire panel of experts gather with the support of the Pan American Health Organization to assess this situation," the Peru regional government added. freedom,

Of the 42 cases reported in freedom, including that of the woman who died last Saturday at Belene Hospital in Trujillo, 21 are registered in the same hospital, 11 in the regional and 10 in Esalund's.

Hospitalization of patients

Kiro Maguinha, an infectious disease practitioner and professor at Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, told this newspaper that the syndrome of Guillen-Barre complications may develop in elderly, pregnant and sick (hypertension or diabetes) patients. He added that in the most critical cases, the patient's hospitalization period may vary between two or three months.

"Now for the accident we prefer to drive [la enfermedad] in hospitals. This can not be treated in any medical center or post office, but in hospitals because they are specialized doctors who can do clinical laboratory assessment, confirm the disease and manage it, "he said.

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