Tuesday , June 15 2021

High temperatures will increase the birth of babies with heart disease, according to study Technology and Science | science

on increasing temperatures generated by climate change can be increased by thousands, over the next two decades the number of children born with heart abnormalities in eight representative US states, says a report released on Wednesday.

The study, presented by the American Heart Association (AHA), warns of this high temperatures can cause near 7,000 additional cases of congenital heart defect (Congenital heart defects, CHD) for 11 years.

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The study is published in the Open Access, AHA, and refers to Arkansas, California, North Carolina, Georgia, Iowa, New York, Texas and Utah.

"Our findings highlight the alarming impact of climate change on human health and emphasize the need to improve the readiness to meet the expected increase, "said Shao Lin, professor at the University of New York State University School of Public Health and lead author of the study.

The figures obtained are based on the "births projections between 2025 and 2035 in the United States and the projected increase in the average maternal heat exposure in different regions as a result of global climate change ", t – explained the report.

Researchers used temperature-enhancing calculations developed by NASA and the Goddad Space Research Institute and another study assessing the impact of heat and congenital heart defects between 1997 and 2007

The study predicts the data, taking into account the historical number of days excessive heat, as well as the frequency and duration of Extreme Events high temperatures in the surveyed areas.

To prevent cases of IBS, "a complex condition that often requires care and traceability throughout life," the study recommends "cautiously for women during the first weeks of pregnancy to avoid extreme heat".

"It is important that our doctors advise pregnant women and all who plan to become pregnant, about the importance of avoid extreme heat, especially between three and eight weeks after conception, (which is) the critical period of pregnancy, "Lin said.

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