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How Do You Know If You Have Proper Oral Cleansing? Here are 10 recommendations …

on teeth they play a very important role in ours health, they make much of our body functioning properly, as the digestive system starts from we chew food with our teeth and most of the bacteria or microbes come through the mouth, so keep it oral hygiene Every day will prevent many illnesses and problems in the short and long term.

Since we are small, our parents teach us to wash the techniques they have learned from their parents, but indeed, Do we brush our teeth well?

According to experts Moon – the company of invisible subordinates – are different recommendations to avoid complications and long – term illnesses through dental hygiene appropriate:

1. Eating natural fiber products, such as apple, carrot, celery and pineapple, helps clean the natural teeth.

2. Drinking water constantly helps the body perform a self-analysis, which is the way your mouth is cleaned naturally, through saliva and oral muscles.

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3. Wash your teeth after each meal or at least 3 times a day.

4. Wait at least 10-15 minutes after you have eaten to wash your teeth so you do not rub the acid on the teeth.

5. Use an average brush and a soft brush.

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6. Interdental brushes are needed to clean the inside of the cheeks.

7. Use an extra soft brush if you have a lot of teeth sensation.

8. Keep your toothbrush as if it is a cup of tea, you do not need to cut them to keep them clean.

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9. The mouthwash is good, but it is not necessary, it is best to use it before bedtime.

10. Brushing teeth or brushing them makes them lose that thin structure of the enamel.

11. It is strongly recommended to use teeth.

Caring for teeth is important for maintaining a healthy mouth.

The moon recommends visiting the dentist and doing professional teeth cleaning at least every 6 months.


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