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Huarochirí: Recordings of huaicos fall in San Bartolome and Santa Cruz de Cocachacra | Lima | events

UPDATE 9:00 h.

In the afternoon, the fall of huaicos was recorded in the districts of San Bartolome and Santa Cruz de Kokachakra located in the province Huarochiri (Lima). on huaicos they are due to the intense rainfall registered in this area of ​​the country.

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According to images shared on social networks, the population is affected by the fall of mud and stones in the streets of these areas. This is due to the activation of the Rio Seco gorge. Previously, the neighbors tried to prevent the mud from entering their homes.

The head of the Indeci, General EP Jorge Chávez, reported on Channel N that the huaico in Cocachacra hit a 55 + 980 kilometer on Carretera Central. In the Tornamesa sector, machines operate.

In the afternoon, via his Twitter account, Deviandes Tramo 2, he announced that they had finished cleaning the 55 km road in the Tornamesa area.

So far, authorities have not reported any injuries or material losses.

In dialogue with Trade, Mitza Puza Rivas, a Senamhi specialist, said the intense rainfall that occurred in Canta, part of Yauyos and Huarochirí, began in the first week of February and will continue until tomorrow.

"In the Highlands (House House) we had continuous rains almost the whole week since the beginning of February. In the middle regions like Matucana, we have had intense rainfall since February 9, "said Puza Rivas.

The provincial Huarochirí – Matucana municipality also reported that the traffic is limited to the central road to the height of San Bartolomé due to the sliding of the stones. According to his Facebook page, civilian defense officers have arrived at the site to provide traffic.

Santa Cruz de Cocachacra municipality staff reported that heavy rains registered at 4pm in the area triggered the activation of two streams: Santa Cruz and Rio Seco. The mud and stones hit Miguel Grau Boulevard and 2 kilometers from the railway line. The Excavator cleans the railway line.

Peru's National Meteorological and Hydrological Service (Senamhi) said the rain warning in the mountains of the country, which began on February 9 and will last until February 13, is in force.

At these dates, accumulated values ​​above 15 mm / day are expected in the central mountains and over 20 mm / day in the southern mountains. These rains will be accompanied by electrical shocks and strong winds. In addition, isolated hailstorms in settlements over 3000 m are expected; and snow in places over 4000 m. and about 3800 m. respectively in the central and the southern sheer. In the same way, it is expected that there will be rainfalls on the coast, in addition to the rain on the central and southern shores.

Regions warned are Ankash, Apurimak, Arequipa, Ajaccio, Cusco, Huangkavelica, Huanguko, Ika, Hunin, Lima, Mekegua, Pasco, Puno and Takana.

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