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IBM's artificial intelligence debates live with experts in thousands of people VIDEO Technology and Science robotics

on AI continues to surprise the world. During the annual conference of the IBN Think 2019 done in San Francisco, Debater for the project he had a duel with Haris Natarajan, the Grand Finalist of the World Championship for the 2016 Debate and the European Debate Champion in 2012.

The event discussed the topic "We must subsidize pre-school education". The man and the machine presented their arguments for and against respectively, rejected the enemy's claims and ended with a summary of their point of view.

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Participants pointed out that Harris had been able to change the participants' minds to a greater extent, while the project debater gave them more knowledge.

That was the debate:

The technology company continues to make impressive achievements with its machines because two decades ago, it surprised the world with Deep Blue, a technology that defeated Russian champion Garry Kasparov. Later, Watson beat people in question and answer games; now it is being tested on a new level with real arguments on many important issues.

Debater for the project uses AI to make decisions based on data. It has potential in a variety of fields, for example, a company that gathers user feedback for a new product, an organization that seeks feedback to satisfy customers. In addition, developers in various areas remove prejudices and create impartial and transparent impact assessment systems to support people in decision-making.

How does the project debater work?

This system is capable of discussing with people about complex issues. This requires special skills in which the degree of refinement of arguments and the ability to refute are essential. This is achieved by collecting the relevant facts and opinions, forming them in structured arguments and then turning them into a clear, concise and persuasive language.

His database, which guides his knowledge, consists of about 10 billion prayers received in newspapers and magazines.

In the same way, he is able to discuss a subject in which he has never been trained, only a very short sentence describing the movement should begin.

From this point on, the system builds up an initial speech of protection or opposition, looking for short texts that can serve you. This requires a deep understanding of the human language and its endless nuances, very precise position identification, simple details for people but complex for the computers.

The convincing speech developed by the Debater on the project lasts about 4 minutes. The next step is listening to the opponent's response, analyzing it, and building up the denial.

History of the project debate

In June 2018, Project Debater had his first lively debate in front of a small audience. At that time, she was tested against Israeli national debate champion Noa Ovadia for 2016. Upon completion, an immediate study showed that most of the audience members surveyed believed that the project debater enriched their knowledge more than their human counterpart.

One of the most ambitious goals of AI is to master the human language.

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