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Indeci | The Second National Earthquake and Tsunami Exercise | This Thursday, 15 August Peru

Head of the National Institute for Civil Protection (Indeci), Jorge Chavez, urged the population to actively participate in the National earthquake and tsunami training will be held today, from 3:00 pm

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"There will be two events this Thursday, August 15th. a earthquake training followed by a tsunami in Peruvian coastal cities and multi-hazard training in all regions of the country, "Chavez told Channel N.

In the same way, he said that it was taken as the main axis for achieving this similarity in Lima there are two important sectors: the Round Table and the Gamara.

"We know it's very difficult to do these types of activities, but we have to do it for our safety. […] We ask the authorities for their participation for an hour, "he added.

In regard to similarity in the regions, the head of Indeci He indicated that they would be present from Tumbes to Tacna.

"In the case of a seism followed by a tsunami, this will be held on the beaches of Juanchaco (La Libertad), Tumbes, Camana (Arequipa), Caleta de Pisco and others, because this August 15th marks the next anniversary of seism it happened in ika and left many dead, "he said.

It must be remembered that last May 31 was the first national earthquake training from this year


– Keep calm at all times. Do not run, avoid elevators and avoid panic.

– Stay away from windows and objects that may roll or fall into the escape route.

-Locate into the security area that was identified earlier. They may be located adjacent to columns or structural walls or adjacent to an elevator box.


The Indeci leader urged the population to actively participate in this simulation. (Video: Channel N)

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