Sunday , June 20 2021

"It is not that if we have Messi, we are saved"

Menotti He was a coach Maradona in Barcelona, Menotti he was the first world champion with Argentina, Menotti was selected in River and c mouth, Menotti He does not have 80 prestigious years just because the passport says it, but because he is the emblem of world football. Although he is only now Secretary of Selection, a place that has a great honor but will not be honored. It will have a resolution. And it started this Friday, meeting with Scaloni and presentation press conference. There he spoke very much with his colorful verb and stopped Messi….

– The return of Messi This is not a problem The national team has 40 players and when he (Scaloni) select 23 for a call, it will be Messi included. Bach, I think. He is the best player in the world, no doubt. But Argentina also plays Pedernera, Sivari, Maradona, and MessiAnd without all of them. I do not want to endorse the idea that if it comes Messi, we are saved. Not so, "he said Flakeor Cesar Lewis,

He took a breath and continued, "When they talk Maradona of 86, it is true that he was at a very high level, but there were also very good players. The ten were Burruchaga, 5 was Batista, all at the highest level. There was easier for there DiegoThat bothers me that they are always with monthI. A. Messi we have it, but we will now look at whom and how. The game better than the other is a duty of the Argentines

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