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Joaquin Sabina is 70 years old: his love for the Alliance, football and how he sees love in these times Trade We are stories

In August 2017, Joaquin Sabina he is preparing for a new concert in Lima where he will present "Lo dengo todo", the album that returns the joy and returns it. Without social networks or e-mail, he returns to the old good manners: a phone interview from Lima to a landline telephone in Madrid. Then, he called from Somos, he was actually looking for him to understand how he was, where he was; how Peru watched presidential investigators and how much they had missed that part of Lima that went very little: Barranco, Bryce, the path.

Two years passed. Joaquin Sabina is 70 years old today.

This is an excerpt from this interview where he talks about a topic he knows: love in times when love is determined by how many pictures are together uploaded to Facebook.

What is a sect with his attachment to the football team, is not it?
I'm from Alety. One can separate himself from his wife, but not from his team. Death to Real Madrid! [risas], Simeone represents the neighborhood, the struggle, the struggle, the misfortune, everything that is athletic. He talks to you about teams that have 500 times more budget … it's a miracle. And the heart of Alma Lima. I'm in Lima from the Alliance.

Why this relationship with the Alliance?
For sympathy with the people I love, who are from the Alliance, except for Mario, who is from the university [nota de redacción: Universitario],

Is it possible to believe that Neimar is worth the millions that PSG has paid?
Well, I do not think it's football: it's international financial engineering. It has nothing to do with the miracle of making a dribble or doing a high-pitched goal. I like football; the movement around football, no.

Is Messi the best player in history?
To think so. What is happening is that he is not the friendliest or craziest, as was Maradona, and so we loved him so much. He is a balanced and serious person. You do not know if it's fun to go and have a chuckle [risas],

Do you expect the world champions of football with passion or less?
World championships are always worse than the champions. I always expect a lot of Argentina from Messi and nothing happens. I see that the champions are more interesting because they lack the horrible thing that is chauvinism. I'm a sect with my team, but with a sense of homeland, no.

When love becomes friendship, does it last forever?
Of course, it is great when friends become friends. Passion keeps what we all know; this is very small. If love survives, it is a serious love and boundless friendship.

She once said friendship was love without sex. Is this your secret with Jimena Coronado, your girlfriend?
This is not my secret: this is the misfortune of old age [risas],

Why is it so hard to keep in touch?
This is almost impossible. Jimena, for example, is an incredible relationship. I also travel with her. If she does not come, I will not go. Yes, this love we have is a miracle.

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