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Kingdom, will there be Season 2 of Netflix and more zombies? | New episodes of the South Korean Zombie series TV | series

Kingdom, season 2 | Netflix he resurrected the Kingdom, one of his first South Korean original productions, for the second season. The series, which is available on the streaming platform of January 25, is set in the Middle Ages of Choson in Korea and tells the story of a successor prince sent to a suicide mission to investigate a mysterious plague that spreads across Europe. your country

Chief Executive Officer of Netflix, Reid Hastings, during the presentation of strategy and content in Singapore, months before the premiere of the first six episodes, confirmed that the "Kingdom" there will be a second season.

"It's really weird to give the green light to the second season of a program before you see the first," he admitted.

Kim Yun-he, writer of the series, is working on the script for the new season of "Kingdom" "The plan is to renew the series annually," says Kim Son-un, director of the first part of the Zombie series. "I can play a consultative role, but I will not turn it alone," he added during the Bucheon International Film Festival.

He also revealed that he has been trying to make this show since 2011. "I was very pleased with the level of creative freedom we got when we did it for Netflix (…) There is a lot of blood and cut heads, more than what would have fled me on TV.

"Netflix It gave me more freedom than any Korean company I worked with. He gave me minimal feedback about the script and did not force me to include his notes, "Kim said.

The only condition for the streaming service was that the director could not control the budget. Each episode, however, cost more than $ 1.78 million. "Initially, the" kingdom "was considered a series of eight episodes, and the production had to be completed in four months, but in the end we took about six months in the production and overpay the budget so it had to pay a fine.

– When I started working Netflix, appears in Korea. The industry was not sure how big or powerful it might be. Some even predicted this (the origins of Netflix) may be a storm in a cup of tea. Now that his presence (in Korea) has increased so much, I think we should not judge lightly, "the director added.


  • Zhu Jing-hun as a prince
  • Bae Doona as Seo-bi
  • Ryu Seung-ryong as Joe Hack Joe
  • Kim Sang-ho
  • Heo Joon-ho
  • Jeon Seok-ho
  • Chu Hung-jub


  • Direction: Kim Seong-hun
  • Writing: Kim Yun-Chi
  • Executive Production: Lee Sang-Baek

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